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Bitter Symphony
Bitter Symphony
Not as bad as if you would have told her you're attracted to the same sex.

It depends on the parent. Some people claim they're "more worried about your soul" and the possibility of Hell rather than your "sin".

True true. I had two of my aunts straight out told me I will go to hell.

Same, my ma told me that. She said I don't have any mercy because I "know better" and "grew up in Bible Study" LOL.
I gotta admit: the fear a' hell was pretty hard to shake though! xD
Bitter Symphony
Bitter Symphony
Not as bad as if you would have told her you're attracted to the same sex.

It depends on the parent. Some people claim they're "more worried about your soul" and the possibility of Hell rather than your "sin".

True true. I had two of my aunts straight out told me I will go to hell.

Same, my ma told me that. She said I don't have any mercy because I "know better" and "grew up in Bible Study" LOL.
I gotta admit: the fear a' hell was pretty hard to shake though! xD

D: It was. I do have my beliefs but I am not the kind of person to try and change your views unless you try to forcefully change mine.
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Christians, Catholics,


This is redundant, you are redundant. All Catholics are Christians, all Protestants (Baptists being singled out in this example) are Christians. Just saying Christians will be fine in future sweeping generalizations : )
*shakes head* There's a difference between each, just like there is a difference between Wiccans and Pagans. "A Wiccan is Pagan but a Pagan is not Wiccan", so to speak.
This is what exactly happened to me.
But I actually didn't say "I'm an Atheist", they just know.

Whenever we get on the topic of religion or god or whatever they get so intense and say stupid things like "I'm scared for you, you're going to go to hell" and "Stop denying your faith". They give me glares when I don't say prayers.

I was born and raised in a very Catholic household. I just ignore them. I love them, but I don't have the same views.
It gets VERY VERY irritating when they try and push me into Catholiscm.
They got offended when I was a mere small child and I called the wafer thing "a big cookie\". I WAS A LITTLE KID.

They barely even go to church omg.
Only on holidays.

Omg, the OP and you. I'm SO surprised that there are even a few people on Gaia who've had similar experiences to me. I'm 18 and I'm JUST going through this now. I started hinting at it until finally I just said outright to my mother that I'm a nihilist and I don't appreciate the way she tried to shove her religion down my throat.

Oh, and like starssparking, my family/ma was SUPER serious about not dissing her religion. I called her Christian tv programs boring and she FLIPPED OUT... and I was like 8 years old! What kinda 8 year old NATURALLY wants to watch that stuff?

So anyways, don't try to reason with her. Just try to avoid religious topics as MUCH as possible. And even though I know it's annoying, still respect her wishes when you want to go to church or make the excuse that you have a big school project coming up that you just remembered and it's due on Monday. (Only if you're comfortable with lying though. wink )

Just consider this a test in patience blaugh 0=)


And yes, I always go to church with them even though I think it's a waste of time... even when I wasn't aware I wasn't religious I still thought it was a waste. gonk

I don't straight out diss their religion in their face, like, "Believing in god is so stupid", because I want to respect them. However when I want to be different they can't go without one word without being so against it. -___________-

And I'm 15. 0:
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Sad. A properly raised Christian would know it's common for people to start truly trying to figure out what they believe in when they hit their teens/20's, that the best thing to do is continue to be a family, and not to encourage treating each other like a lepers. neutral

I was raised Baptist. My mother was understanding when I told her I was Taoist and she's usually the only one I can enjoy long conversations on history and philosophy with. My grandmother, however, accused me of devil worship. Fun stuff.
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I will never understand how something that was supposed to bring people together got warped into such a monstrosity as religion.

I was raised devoutly christian, and yes it is what I believe in, but I could care less what other people do, maybe thats wrong by my religion, but doesnt christianity also tell you not to judge others? As well as to not hate your fellow man as it is akin to murder?

Religion is so easily perverted that it is by far the most dangerous thing on this planet, more dangerous than any bomb or gun, because its effects last far longer. We will fight every day over religion and kill others in the name of the god we choose to serve, but in the end we live only with a bloody past that is forgotten.

Almost every mainstream religion has gone to war and murdered others in the name of their god, and it will remain to this day. Maybe this is just some stupid rant, but I cant stand people that give all christians a bad name because they cant help but shove their religion down another person's throat, and within that same week, they will proclaim how peacefull and open-minded their religion makes them compared to others, such hypocrisy sickens me.
My mother through a bible at me when I told her there was no such thing as right or wrong, just different perspectives. I haven't told her I don't believe in God in fear of what else she might do. I live half way across the country from her and I'm still scared to tell her I don't believe in God. The hardest part is getting it out there. Stand your ground. She'll just assume you were a confused child if you change your mind and say you believe in God and she'll never let you live it down. Eventually she'll just have to accept it and get over it. And if she doesn't, at least you have moving out to look forward to.
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Just don't bring it up again. Don't lie and say you are a believer when you aren't. Yeah, she'll be happy, but you won't.
If she keeps throwing the "You'll burn in hell" line, you could always say "Mom, I'm an atheist. I don't believe in hell either." twisted Kidding. Don't do that. Not until you are out of the house and are able to support yourself on your own. People such as that can't be trusted to not throw out their own underage kin over something such as religious preferences. Best not to prod the hornet's nest, eh?
If she brings it up again, tell her that you don't feel comfortable talking about it. If she won't leave it be, be honest and tell her that you can't trust her in this matter because she said she'd support you and then she turned on you. Don't get into a debate about it. Just leave it at that. Let her yell and get mad all she wants. Somebody has to be the adult in that conversation. It doesn't sound like it will be her.
I truly do feel sorrowful for anybody who has fundamentalist parents. That s**t just ruins children.
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I'm going to move onto both sides of the fence here for an attempt at a little perspective.

Your mother is not condemning you, nor is she trying to shove her religion down your throat for the sake of being malicious or a "bible thumping b***h," as I read earlier on. If I had to guess, I'd say she's worried about you. What she believes in, and strongly it seems, is that if you do not believe in God, you will go to Hell. Now, I personally find it understandable to be upset by your choice of lacking belief since, after all, you're her child and she loves you. She's upset, and worried, that you'll burn in Hell because you don't believe. I don't think she's intending to be malicious with her words. I just think she's afraid for you because she loves you. It's an understandable fear, based on her beliefs. Do I think she could handle the situation better? Of course. It's causing friction between the two of you. I don't think she's being malicious, though; I don't think she's saying, "I'm right, you're wrong. Believe or burn in Hell!" I just think she's dreading an afterlife without you.

Now, moving to the other side, you should not have to feign belief in something you truly do not believe in, nor should you be forced to believe in something you truly do not believe in. I don't think you should discuss this since it seems to be a significant issue; if neither side is willing to accept the other, then discussion is pointless. Believe in what you choose, or don't. As an individual, you have the right to believe in something or not. It's your decision. It's not something that needs discussing; it's an area of life that you and she do not have in common. Instead of focusing on it, focus on the areas that you do -- other values and morals. This shouldn't define your relationship with her, so do your best to not let it, and I hope she does the same. Good luck. n u n
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If you don't believe in God, then you don't. No one can force faith upon someone else, if they ever gain faith, they have to do it on their own. (Fellow Atheist here)
Stick to your guns, that's what I did, and eventually my Grandparents (Catholics) gave up on the idea on trying to force me to believe (they go to Church everyday and speak about God more than often)
Good luck.
Move out when you can, give her all the cold shoulders you want from now on.
Her irrational behavior is a fatal flaw that will badly influence her outcome and you.
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Ooooh, a real wiccan? surprised

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