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Awww man np im glad it helped!

I'm not entirely sure about what being homoromantic entails, I would probably say at first that it probably wouldn't include enjoying doing sexual things with your partner because thats still sexual in the end, but its probably different for everyone? Maybe you just really enjoy being the dominant one in sex?

Yeah see we always ******** on weekends when I stay the night, because at my place I live with two housemates who could probably hear everything and last time we did it at mine we got close to being walked in on haha! And it's really obvious when we do do it and it makes me kind of uncomfortable if my housemates KNOW that I'm running off to have sex just down the hall haha. So we always seem to do it just before going to sleep at her place, which is the best time because everybody is asleep but kind of takes the excitement and spontaneity out of it because it's so scheduled. And we've also kind of started the skip the foreplay we first had.

When I visited her recently we had a really spontaneous and foreplay-focused bonk and I enjoyed it a lot more than our usual regular stuff. If she does really want to screw maybe just say that you're sore and just want to cuddle and talk for the night?
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Are you on hormonal birth control? That has a tendency to mess with sex drives in particular. When you talk to a doctor, you should ask about that, too.

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