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Low blood pressure can do this to you, I experience very similar things and often have to have really quick showers. I am on medication for treating this, however it differs because I experience this at work and at home.

Quick fix, don't have long showers.
Is it getting too hot and humid in the bathroom while you shower? I'll sometimes have a hard time breathing if too much steam develops. Maybe crack the bathroom door or don't shower as long?

I'd chat with your doctor though. That's really strange.
That happens to me whenever my blood pressure is low or when I'm dehydrated. Try having breakfast before you shower and see if it makes any difference. Your water might just be too hot and the steam could be making it more difficult for you to breath, so try to have a fan on while showering as well to help with the steam.
I'll try colder showers... I think turning the water cooler as I feel it come along helped in the past which made me think it was the temperature. But I really don't take hot showers so it was kind of strange. Usually it's too late to adjust by the time it hits me sweatdrop

Lately It's been happening later in the day after I ear so I don't think thats the problem.

But i'm glad to hear it's probably just dizziness from being in there too long with too warm temperature of water and that it's common. I heard about feeling faint but I didn't know those were symptoms that could tie into that.

I don't believe my blood pressure is the problem but as Mightelove said I can't really tell unless I get a reading while the episode is happening. And I have my own BP cuff, but I'm not too sure if I could take my own reading.

Perhaps it's the humidity too. Although I don't take too hot of showers, the bathroom is small and kind of stuffy so maybe thats why. Wouldn't explain it at the dorm, but I'll crack my door and see if it helps.
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Hot water lowers blood pressure. You should go to the doc and have that checked.
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Sometimes I get nauseua, headaches, and impaired motor function when I'm in a warm shower too long. I have had issues with higher temperatures for some years now, I have normal blood pressure and have no outlier health problems, but I still just get those issues sometimes and need to stick my head in a freezer or curl up with my head between my knees and just breathe for a few minutes.

I suggest trying out breathing exercises, drinking a glass of cold water before showers, possibly turning the shower spray cold for a moment or two while you're showering, or maybe even try sitting in the shower for a few minutes just to be quiet and relax and maybe rest a sec? Having a glass of water waiting out of the shower could also be helpful, and you may want to take ibuprofen or some other aspirin for headaches or joint pain to see if that helps c:

If it persists and you are worried, consult your doctor next time you're in or make an appointment for it. Keep a calender and mark each time it happens, maybe keep a journal so you can write down exactly how you feel plus the date and time and circumstances each time it happens?
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Sometimes really hot water can relax you, and make you sluggish, then to the point you fall asleep. Whenever i take a hot shower, i always feel really slow afterwards. but im never falling asleep. If you've ever been in a hot tub/sauna/steam room for too long, you'll understand what i mean by this.
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I get this all the time when I take a shower that's too hot, or too long and don't make sure the bathroom is properly ventilated. The steam builds up and it can really mess with you. Its essentially a sauna, and with those they warn you not to stay in it too long or else this sort of thing can happen, or to leave as soon as you get light headed.

For me, I have circulatory issues, that's why it's common with me. And I love a shower hot enough to leave the skin red so I struggle with it sometimes >.> .If it happens a lot and bothers you, I would certainly recommend a doctor's visit. Maybe its something like low blood pressure which shouldn't go unchecked and there are medications that will help.

Otherwise, little tricks can help, such as:

-If you plan on taking a shower longer then ten minutes, make sure that a window or door is cracked in order to avoid excess steam build up.

-Sit if you start to feel light headed. Steam/heat rises and can choke the air in the upper half of the room. Often times sitting always you to breath cooler, better air and can stave off that feeling of wanting to faint. Also, if you want, something I tend to do is actually get out of the shower and sit on the bathroom floor or with my back against the tub. Its nice and cool and helps regulate my body temperature.

-Try to regulate the temperature of the water. Try to make sure that you don't make it too hot.

-Be ready to cool yourself off as soon as you get out and make sure you go into it nice and cooled as well.

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It can depend on a multitude of factors. So I'd see a doctor.

I mean if I take a super hot shower and stay for longer than 10 minutes, I get dizzy, sick and very weak. I have a recessive gene that does this in showers/hottubs/hot-springs as well as extremely high altitudes.
Not saying you could have what I have (the gene activates between teen and mid-20's). But you never know.
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it's because the water's too hot and you're not drinking enough water, though everyone's said that
that sound like me so creepy! I know how you feel. I keep drinking water. It helps me a lot.
Yeah the drinking water thing might be it too. I'm going to try and drink more (I swear I drink a lot to begin with but we'll see) While I'm having an episode I seem to feel parched and drinking water kind of rejuvenates me.

So I will attempt leaving my door open, turning the temperature down and making sure i'm hydrated or fed before hand. I'll document any attacks and save it for the next doctor visit smile Thank you everyone.
I know you said this is resolved but this happened to me for about 4 years, usually in the shower but random places too. I just thought it was because I was standing up too quick or getting too hot but i had a blood test a year ago (for something not related to the fainting) and discovered i was quite anemic. Since then i've been taking iron supplements and it hasn't happened since. I'm not saying you are anemic but have a think about your diet? If you think you're not getting enough iron then i'd ask your doctor to do a blood test to check for anemia. Anemia can be caused by other things other than just iron deficiency but i don't really know much about other causes.

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