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You need to help your sister get over the addiction.
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u should beat her up 3nodding
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the way u do it, noone should be concerned at the moment. but an addiction is a whole other story! its not just the fact that her body could shut down and she could die. theres alot inbetween getting addicted and dying young. shes droped out of college, already derailing whatever future she had hoped for. she will need money to get her fill of that s**t, and as an addict will do litterally anything to get it. next comes the legality. im pritty sure its still illegal in canada, right? that means she could be arrested on possession, use, purchase.... and finaly, a drug bust. she could get caught up in her dealers bust. meaning she could be charged, arrested, possibly used as a hostage or get shot being caught in the middle.... its a dangerous buisness and u need to help her out of it
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It's no small wonder she dropped out of college if she's addicted to cocaine. She probably couldn't afford both. Cocaine is expensive as hell and a person can blow through an eight ball in a single day. I would definitely not be able to afford that kind of addiction.

I would strongly recommend rehab for her if I thought she would be able to afford it. All I can say is that it's easier to quit a drug like that if you've got someone there to quit with you and to go through the withdrawals with you.
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About exactly a year ago I had a cousin in his mid twenties die for cocaine. He had plans for other things that day, but never got a chance to get to them. He thought he was in control, I'm sure people around him thought that it was his business, and others, like me, didn't even know he did cocaine. Point is try to help her while she's still here. Because once that person is gone you can't change anything. Your worry isn't an overreaction, you genuinely care for her, and there is nothing wrong with that.
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My aunt was a cocaine user. She's since switched to prescription drugs like Ritalin and oxy, but that was only after she got caught and lost her kids.

She started cocaine before she was your age. She broke into my mothers apartment, stole all of her stuff, then slashed her tires so she couldn't follow her. She's whored herself out for it, at one point, we saw a picture of a woman in the newspaper who greatly resembled my aunt who had robbed a bank. We don't know to this day if it was her. She cheated on her husband and had a baby with the other guy. She neglected her kids. She ruined every family gathering.

Now, she used to be super model pretty. Like, big time. Now, she looks exactly like what you picture an old coke-head to look like. Wasted. She had to have dental reconstruction and most of her teeth replaced, since all of hers rotted out, from using cocaine and binging, and then purging.

Recreational use of drugs, I don't see a problem with as long as they're done in a safe environment. However, hardcore stuff such as cocaine and heroin are highly addictive. From the very first dose. And sure, some people can control their addictions and use it recreationally. Fine. However, your sister does not seem to be among these people. There are numerous side effects to long term usage.

Talk to her, try to get her to sit down with someone. You probably won't get through to her. She has to want to be helped. What's going to happen is she's either going to get busted and sent to rehab and/or jail, or she's going to kill herself with it.

Good luck.
s**t happens, homes.
well, just like most illegal drugs, Cocaine will kill her.

everyone dies eventually
and Freud did cocaine

well done for being so caring and considerate

very grown up of you

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