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Sometimes when I'm playing with my nipples or my bf plays with them too long I get this weird feeling.. Like I'm embarrassed, or I realize that I'm naked, like I feel as if I'm being watched or something. Like it's just a sweeping icky feeling that starts in my tummy. Does anyone else feel this way? And what is it?

One weird thing I should mention is that my boobs are rather insensitive, I can slap them around and pinch them and they wont hurt very much... they are also a C cup.

question question question
My girlfriend had that problem, in one breast, I learned just not to touch it too much, you can punch my boobs they are pretty useless I can't feel much in them, it's kind of lame.
Never had the problem. but when I touch my boobs my nipples get all hard though. =O
my ex had that problem.
i tried kissing her while i was "experimenting"
and that helped a lot.
she didnt pay much attention to the boobs
it made her feel a bit more secure.

then she left me for one of my best friends.
I get that sick sort of feeling at random. Sex, no sex, at work, in the car... I've always wondered what that was/is. And nothing really triggers it. Usually happens when I'm remembering something at a whim. And it's a happy memory. Hm.
You've got to remember that this feeling could be natural but a guy playing with your boobs *expecially your bf* is natural to. It's not embarrassing it's just human nature. I'm a B cup and mine are as sesitive as hell, when i'm getting grabbed/pinched there I try to focus on the way it feels and it makes me feel so much better. Since yours are insesitive that might be a little harder. You could try watching him do it as well that's a real big turn on to some girls * blaugh * Just remember it's natural and it's not embarrassing unless you get caught but if you are old enough and the people aren't your parents then you can yell at them to get out and they'll be the ones embarrassed.
I think I know that feeling. I used to get it all the time but I am comfortable with myself now.
tht feeling is normal now for me im a dd mine i can pretty much flop around and they not hurt and like one of the other girls said if i touch them they do get hard but its the same thing when my gf toches them for to long i get the feeling to
OMG LOL I never get that feeling cause rolleyes I am well a GUY LOL blaugh .... But I do get tha same sorta feeling in my crotch area and yes it does feel weird
Sounds like some personal issues. sweatdrop Why do you people do this in the first place?
maybe it's just you! you should probablt get that checked out.. eek

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