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Sexual assault awareness

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You told the police and they still haven't done anything about it after a year?? I think I'm missing something here... There's no way they would let that slide.
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Press charges- and avoid falling asleep in a male's storage shed, from now on.

wow are you ******** kidding me, was that comment really necessary?
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You definitely were raped. When a guy uses intimidation to get you to submit, and you do, for fear he'll hurt you, it's stil rape. It's coerced sex, not consenting.

And It's a tough call. But you are the only one who can really say what effect this event has had on your life and is likely to have in the future. And you are the only one who can know what you need to do or not do.

I'd say ask that detective every question you can think of about the legal process and also, how law enforcement and the court system in your city have responded to these situations in the recent past.

Also, check your YP listings and/or get online and look for "rape crises center," or similar phrases. If you decide to go ahead with this, you'll need support from women who have supported others through this process. And you'll need that in any case.

I support you 100% if you decide to press charges.
This shouldn't even be a question. YES PRESS CHARGES. YOU WERE RAPED eek
The problem with this case is that you waiting a year to bring this to trial. You mentioned that to filed a police report but did you also get tested for rape? Is there any physical evidence of this occurring? What does the police report include?

The problem with waiting is that it makes your case less credible. If you press charges, he'll be held in criminal court which means that depending on his situation, he could obtain good legal advice. Your testimony alone may win the case but the lack of evidence, lapse in time, and unknown factors of this situation may work against you.

Putting him on trial increases the awareness for future sentences if he is in fact a serial rapist. If he has prior convictions (other women have testified against him) then your case will have more leverage.

You should talk to a lawyer about your options.
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I'd be an a*****e about this but then I'd feel guilty


Yes, tell the world

Also my house smells like green apple

I mean classroom
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I know that you're hesitant about this, but talking to the sex crimes detective about this will actually give you a very good idea of what kind of chance you have going forward. Remember, the DA is not going to press charges unless they think they have a chance at winning. So you won't even have to experience a trial unless the DA genuinally believes that there is a chance.

In the meantime, there are usually rape crisis centers, or at the very least domestic violence agencies, where you can go and talk to an advocate about what happened.
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Not sure why this is even a question. Yes, he should be on trial, because hes a disgustingly filthy, pathetic excuse for a human being & should rot in jail for what he did. How much is the maximum for rape? 7 years. Take him to court. Tell your story. Don't be a fool & keep it bottled up, you will feel worse in the long run for not having done anything about it. So many people take that route. Rape disgusts me to no end. To answer the jury question, I'd tell him how wrong what he did was and he should rightfully rot in jail. If I were the judge, well I couldn't be a judge in rape cases, I'd probably sentence them all to death.

Yes of course. Lock him up and anyone else who participated or was complicit in the matter.
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I need to speak with the sex crimes detective about what my options are
User ImageYes. This is the first thing you should've done, not come to gaia with it.

Here's the problem with your situation...

Did you say no while you were on tape?
Does the guy have the tape now or do you?

If you didn't say no on the tape and/or the guy has the tape, if you go to trial they're probably going to bring the tape into the trial. As evidence that it was consensual. That you did not resist.

Frankly put (IANAL, of course), I really feel like unless that guy has a change of heart and confesses that he raped you, your entire trial is going to make everything worse for you.

Please refrain from using FUD phrases to discourage her from reporting the crime.
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Better to do something than to let him carry on and allow him to put other girls under similar conditions.

If not for yourself, do it for anyone else in his warpath.
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Press charges.

He had sex with you against your will. You were under duress and you feared for your life. Whether he acted on it or not is immaterial since you were under the impression that resistance would result in the loss of your life.

Sue him and get him jailed.
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` sex
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Press charges- and avoid falling asleep in a male's storage shed, from now on.

wow are you ******** kidding me, was that comment really necessary?

Don't take it too specifically. It was a facetious version of, "don't drop your guard so much."
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.That's still rape :<
You should press charges against him, because that's a federal offense and he needs to go down as a sex offender.

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