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Dear Gaia,
I am a 17 year old college freshman trying to enjoy life and figuring what to do in it. I have been recently dating my guy friend who I will call K is 15 and has a small group of friends. My best friend who has like big crush on K's friend, who I will call B. Now B has a girlfriend but lately things have been just completely batshit crazy.
Today we all planned to go to the skating rink as a get together. We were all having fun and I was talking to my best friend about K because I was having my doubts on dating someone. So she gave me advice and later on I decided to have my one on one conversation with K. We both sat on a bench and were like talking and cuddling. I told K I wasn't ready and wanted to stay single for the time until I get my college things done. He was very understanding and he told me to do whatever makes me happy. I was so happy that we just cuddled in his jacket most of the time. Until my best friend told me B went home right when I was talking to K. She told me he got depressed suddenly and didn't want to stay.
Now heres the deal. B has been avoiding his gf lately and hasn't been himself most of the time. He he has been through a lot of emotional grief and pain in his past. We've been lately chatting about paragraphs of secret emotional stuff. He tells me that "you make me happy." and all this sweet stuff but I never really took it seriously because he was a notorious flirt or he just really knew how to pull a girl's heartstrings. but I didn't take it seriously because he told my best friend too. Now my best friend loves B like so much I bet she is willing to give her world to him but she knows that dating him will never happen. I noticed B got all depressed when he saw me with K like so depressed that it looked like the brink of crying. Now B tells me he is depressed because of a "secret" that would mess everything up with me, K, his gf and my best friend specifically.
Today I tired messaging both K and B but they haven't responded at all.
Now I'm just so confused and depressed, I decided to take a break from it all for now.
What do you think I should do?
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I got a little confused with the whole K and B stuff but I'm pretty sure B likes you and is sad that you don't like him back and like K instead. Just talk to B in person ask him whats wrong and if it is about the fact that he like you (though he may not tell you if that is the case) then just tell him that you want to stay single for a while and focus on school.

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