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Leave now while you still can. Things aren't gonna get any better.
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It sounds to me like he does not respect you enough. It does not matter how much he apologizes for hurting you, if he keeps on doing it. He needs to think before he acts. He also does not trust you with other people.

Also, he says that you will not find a better father for your children? I do not think children would want to see a father make their mother cry, or emotionally abuse them...

Trust me you can do much better. And you deserve much better!
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I would like to thank everyone for everything heart You all helped me be reassured to gain the courage to finally end things.

It was very hard, but it helped me very much. His true colors showed as he insulted me and said some of the cruelest things I've ever had said to me, then continued calling with pleads of not meaning it, he was sorry, etc.

I'd just like to say thank you, and I've felt like a huge weight has been lifted since I get myself out of that mess. You're all incredibly kind and thank you for your time.

he is messing with your emotions. i would either go through consoling which could make him angry and possibly cause him to actually abuse you. or i would break up with him and get as far away from him as possible

Yes end it. You are dealing with an emotinally abuse guy here and telling you you are love doesnt excuse his words and his actions otherwise.
I will tell you what my best friend told me when I asked her that same question about the guy I was dating at the time - she said "If you're thinking about it enough to ask, then you've answered your own question." Sometimes it's worth working through the rough patches, and sometimes it's not - in this case, from what you posted my personal opinion is that you really deserve better, and should break up with this guy before he actually physically hurts you. One of my exes would get rough with me after he drank (you're bit about your bf getting rough while you two were being immanent reminded me of an incident with my ex - it was before we had started doing it, and one night he got really REALLY drunk and tried to force himself on me - he ended up not, and he was super apologetic and horrible-feeling about it in the morning, but it didn't change the fact that it happened)
So yea - don't stay with this guy just to stay with him because he's in love with you. If you are not longer in love with him, then that is that. It can be really tough to fully realize it and follow it through, but I think you will be happier in the end. Best of luck!
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I had a bad reaction recently while drinking. While it was nothing like that, I did flip out on my SO, and I haven't drank since. I promised to not drink again on my own end without him asking me to offer that. He has even tried to have me drink a beer here and there since then, but I have turned it down each time.
However, he doesn't seem to make changes where they need to be made. I would leave.
Oh, gosh. You'll find SO MANY men who'll love you more and treat you better than this emotionally manipulative creep.

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