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There are so many things out there that you've yet to discover, maybe you just havent found your talent yet. If youre in high school, you have lots of time, some people dont find their way until college, and maybe not even then.
It doesnt matter how quickly or slowly you grow up either, one of my friends is still childish while i tend to be more mature, and we balence each other. Plus Im 19, and i've yet to have a boyfriend, no big deal to me. I'd like one, but i think i would know what was exactly right when i run into it, no sooner or later. Just keep on living, my logic is that everything will eventually work out...

maybe i take the saying "before it`s too late" too much, everyone says to do whatever before it`s too late, especialy when it comes to learn stuff, and i`m happy single, i plan to stay that way, enless i can find love like they do in anime, like impossible i know, but that`s the point, i`m both more and less mature in a way, at home and with friends i`m like a little kid, yet at school, i`m the most mature in the class, idiots laughing at stupid things and making stupid comments, well i`ve stoped crying my eyes out so far, tried getting those books but the order got messed up so we cancled, who knew they made a novel version of the series, so were gonna order it online so i dont feel rushed and we know exactly what were getting, makes sence when youre buying an entire manga series at once, i wanna get it right the first time, and i guess i do have a few little talents, i`m good at math (97 in applied) and probably a few other things, i`m good at writing journals but never stories