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I never was one to tell about my problems, but the issues that came on my road started to get heavier over my back and i cant carry the weight anymore. I should have been a student by now, two colleges declined my option, i didn't find any work and my parents are not as supportive or caring as they should. The fact is, i don't even live with them nor do i speak daily with them.

I often spend my life on the computer, it gives me something that i cant get from other things. But since a while my addiction to role play is dimming down. I am depressed, in such way that i feel like there is no way out of it, i feel like nothing is working and as if the friends i had vanished. I feel guilty for what i did to one of my best friends Cole, well i think she is the only one. Because of her job we barely talk.

I broke any way to talk with her and i feel like there is no way for me to bring back or get this from my heart. I nagged about her job, even if i should have better kept shut my mouth and said nothing. How can i get off of this train? I am in the point i think death is more beautiful than i have expected, maybe its because i haven't taken my pills since three months, making me very aggressive and depressed.
Hey there buddy! I'm only 15, so i don't have much life experience and neither can i help you out much, but maybe you should try to find people who have the same interests as you and befriend them. Maybe go to a festival/concert of something you like. You might find people there who you might befriend! Also, if you want to talk, you can talk to me. I'll try my best to help you out! I won't judge you! Good luck, mate!
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User Image1. Start taking your pills again, or go to a therapist regularly.
2. Keep looking for a job.
3. Look into schools online, or community colleges.
4. Find a different hobby that is not roleplaying to keep you distracted.

The problem here is you have way too much time to think about your problems.
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Life is full of so many roads you can take.

Jobs can be hard to come by, but keep turning in applications and call back at least once a week to the place you applied so they know you are interested.
As far as college, study in the mean time, read books in the subject areas you are planning on majoring in to prepare you in the long run and to keep you focused. Keep applying, and if anything, try a technical school. Plenty of people who apply to a college the first time that don't get accepted the first year, end up getting accepted the next year if they keep on trying.
For hobbies to make you happy and keep you from being depressed, try exercising, jogging, it raises endorphins to make you happier and less stressed. Try finding hands on activities or mentally stimulating ones to keep you focused/distracted.

I wish you luck. Things will turn out for the best.
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Time for a ******** adventure!

Since you're playing the waiting game for colleges, might as well go out and try to right all the wrongs you've done. Hunt down your friend and rekindle the friendship.

Hunt down the other friends that disappeared and try to spend some time with them.

Time to get out of your hermit life and mingle. Think of it as an epic quest.
Get a job. Get a girl. Get laid.
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Seriously? That was unnecessary, please do me a favor and take your own advice, a*****e.


Anyways, Harry, I haven't talked to you in a while and it seems things have gotten worse. I'm sorry to hear everything is going down hill. I've noticed this for a while, in fact, and I'm sorry to hear that all of this is going on. I know I may sound like a scratched cd, but I'm always here if you need to talk or hell, if you want an rp to escape reality. Just pm me, since msn has been cruel enough to lock me out. I've always considered you a very good Gaia friend and although you don't realize it, you brighten my day when we end up talking----despite what we may be talking about. And I would have ended up doing so earlier when I had mentioned it on my update, but I have been busy with work and realife. Now I am not as busy (working weekends and less homework) so if you don't pm me I will be sure to pm you instead.

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