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yo wassup!!

today i happened to come home about 5 hours earlier than i was supposed to and i went into my room to find my step dad sitting there sniffing a pair of my dirty panties and jerking off, he didnt see me cause he was turned to his side and had his eyes closed so i backed away and went outside for a bit freaked the ******** out then came inside louder and said IM HOME to flush him out, i heard him leave my room "quietly" and go into his own room

wtf do i do????
[******** HIM IN THE a**
Oh my God. That's horrible. I'd be scared to death. Tell him that you saw him and try to have a conversation over it..Make sure to have a trusting adult there with you though in case he tries to molest you or rape you or something.
Tell your mom before he rapes you! I'm being serious that's some disgusting s**t!
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Dangerous Exhibitionist

Have super hot sex with him.

No, not really.

Tell your mom?

Or, do something nasty to your panties so he gets grossed out?
rofl I heard your dad leiks mudkips...

Call local authorities. Make sure your mom knows about it. You're very much in danger.

Set him on fire.
It's the only way.
horny little ***** heart *
Kick him in the chin.

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