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So, I started going out with a guy a month ago. We don't get to see each other often and, when we do, it's generally very late at night when everything is closed, so we always end up watching a movie.

My previous relationships involved really outgoing guys who always had a plan, but the two of us are really shy, so we don't really know what we're doing.

My question is, is it normal to do the same kind of thing all the time?
If not, can you give me some cute, late-night date ideas?

My perfect date is going out to a pub/club and have some drinks.

Although... that is more a "group date" thing.

Just get him to go out with you to some pub with another two friends maybe?
Having a drink or two might also help with your shyness. XD
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Me and my ex girlfriend used to go to the ice skating rink every Friday night. razz

EDIT: It is routine, yeah, but its lots of fun and we'd see our friends a good bit.
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Well, what sorts of things did you do in a previous relationship that you liked? Finding a late-night coffee shop? Is there a nice (safe) park that gives a lovely view in the evening? Are there others to hang out with? Do you have things to entertain yourselves with (board games, card games,etc)? I'm sure you have lots you could talk about, from life philosophies to childhood memories. Be brave, ask a question! Or make a game of it. My favourite is the questions game, where you take turns asking each other questions (no repeats allowed!). Because often it helps spark conversation so you forget about the game for awhile, but the game itself is still fun.
rolleyes my wife and I stargaze some times... I'm a bit of an astronomy geek emo ... yeah its fun though, getting a telescope and looking up at the night sky.

Used to have a girlfriend that enjoyed late night walks with me, if you can do that sort of thing where you live. Downtown in that city was pretty safe, so no worries there. Find something you both fancy, and give it a try.
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My ex and I would often be in the same situation. And movies were often watched. But another idea could be making dinner together. It was especially fun because he was Chinese and could cook a lot of fun foods that I had never tried before.
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Play games, cook or bake, do somevsort of craft, or read/listen to an audio book together. Routines are only bad if you don't feel satisfied by them.
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A movie date is always okay.

It's casual and it's not too fancy or demanding. c:
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There's nothing wrong with having movie nights 4laugh
When my boyfriend and I started dating, we would go to a few places to eat, and then come back to my house and watch some TV shows or movies (True Blood, etc).
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There is nothing wrong with movie dates.
When I first started to see my boyfriend, we'd watch movies all night at his house. Sometimes he'd get pizza but mostly we'd just talk and watch movies.

Now that we've been dating for a while; we go out to the movies once in awhile, go out to eat once a month or so but we mostly go to his house to play video games & watch movies.

He's kinda anti-social but I don't mind.

Now that the weather is warming up, I'll be dragging his butt to the beach and out for picnics.
******** if I know.
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Thank you all, I really appreciate the ideas whee

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