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I'm 18 and latley i've been questioning myself. I mean i like boys but... one time i came across this sex site that had girls and got kinda turned on and i kept going back. I'm still turned on to guys but i'm not completley sure if like boys AND girls. redface
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Well dont worry so much? If you find a girl you like, trying going for her and see how it goes. Liking girls in porn doenst neccesarily make you bi, because a lot of that attraction is media based.
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You may be sexually attracted to girls, but that doesn't exactly make you bi. Sometimes when I watch porn, I have no problem being attracted to girls, and they turn me on too. But I know I would never engage sexually with one.
If you're still curious about yourself, find a girl you like and date her, and go from there and see if your sexual interest with women will let you go all the way.
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If the porn we watched was what gave us our sexuality, all straight men would watch only girl/girl pron, straight women guy/guy porn, and so on. Wmen are beautiful, sensual creatures and getting turned-on by some girl/girl porn does not necessarily mean that you're bi. However, a lot of people start their journey of self-discovery ( in the sexuality department) with porn. It's a safe place to kind of explore what you may enjoy. Best thing to do is to just try it out for yourself. See if there's a friend who may be willing to experiment with you. There's no shame in experimentation. If it turns out you don't like it for yourself, but enjoy seeing it in a porn, that's fine. And if you do end up liking it, that's fine too.
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It's possible. Apparently, it's really normal, for even straight girls to get turned on by girl on girl action. I'm taken by a man, so I can't really find out, but if you want to find out, nothing wrong with trying. I just recently found out i was turned on by girl on girl action as well..it's just a part of me. I'm ok with that, and I know I normally like men. (Even if they can be a pain in the a** at times.)
Full disclosure: Not a girl. I just suck c**k.

******** a girl.Honestly the worst that can happen is you don't like it.
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Don't sweat it so much! When you start thinking too much in it you will only leave yourself with a migraine and no answers. Just go with how you feel. Why label yourself as this or that? Just enjoy the sights, date those you fancy, and someday perhaps find that special someone, whether they be male or female or otherwise!
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Labeling your sexual identity isn't very important. There are many facets of orientation, and perhaps you are a little bit into women, like I am. I'm not very interested in them romantically (only one or two in my entire life) just physically.
Besides, there's nothing wrong with being gay or bi.

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Full disclosure: Not a girl. I just suck c**k.

******** a girl.Honestly the worst that can happen is you don't like it.
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Although if you don't like it but she does, it will get Awkward. User Image

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How to tell if you're bi, in three simple steps!

1 - Do you like girls?
2 - Do you like boy?
3 - If you do, you're bi!

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That doesn't necessarily make you bi. I love me some lesbian porn, but personally, I don't think I could have sex with a girl.

It all depends on who you fall for. I've had girl crushes, but my feelings have never gone deeper than that, so it all depends on what you're feeling.

So, if you're falling for a guy, go for it. If you're falling for a girl, go for it. Simple.

Best of luck to you smile
LoverGirl likes lesbian porn. So do her friends. They reblog it all the time. But, like, women-focused lesbian porn. Not with huge porn star nails doing the Wolverine impression all up the other woman's vag and mostly just being all show-off and stuff.

I have many exes who did, too. Really, there is a difference between porn for men and porn for women. I am... not particularly a fan of most porn, because it's Rod A in Slot B with bad Photoshop or bad movies with stupid standards. No thank you.

Find what you like, do whoever you like as long as you're safe and responsible about feelings and such, and don't worry about labels. Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

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