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You never have time to go to your locker, no matter what they tell you in admission you just won't. learn to carry most of your stuff for the first half of the day and swap at lunch.

Do the homework. It helps.

Be nice to the hall monitor. It can help you immensely later.

Join a club, it'll be a go way to meet people.

Don't chose electives because they sound easy. They won't be. Just pick what sounds interesting.
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I keep having worries about high school which is coming right around the corner.....so i was wondering if anybody could lend me some useful advice, on everything....boys, making friends, school work, just everything and anything would be great, thankies~! smile

Stay on track. A lot of people play around and when junior and senior year comes, they realize they've screwed themselves over. Keep your grades up and your nose clean. Make sure to join clubs and do community service to boost your college application. It's a little early to think about college, but you want to boost your chances right away. The competition is getting much fiercer.

I feel this is when a lot of people start changing. You might end up losing some friends and making new ones. Don't let yourself get sucked into their drama. Avoid it at all costs because it will make you miserable and it's not worth it. While you're experiencing high school, everything will seem like a huge day. If you're embarrassed one day you think your life is over. If a boy you like doesn't look at you then you want to die.

But just remember high school isn't forever. It's just four years out of your whole life. Heck, primary school was longer than that. Even if you're not the prettiest or not the coolest, that's not going to matter to you later. You probably won't even remember most of your classmates later. So try not to take things too hard and enjoy high school for what it is.
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x- MouthSex -x
Something that I wish I'd known is that since Sophomores think they're big kids now, they usually don't like speaking to Freshmen. If someone looks mean they most likely are, but that might just be because of the area I live in.
I think that if you just mind your manners and try not to bother the older students, you'll be fine c:
And BTW, the bitches with the nice clothes and 800 Facebook friends can smell fear. Stay away from them.

Oh...i see, i see....i always thought people with that kind of clothes and thousands of friends weren't very friendly...-.- but thanks fr the advice i hope i use it well ^^

Don't put too much faith into stereotypes either. There will be popular girls that are genuinely nice and some that are outright mean. People are just people. Choose your friends wisely because they won't always be what they seem. Get to know someone before you judge them. Be nice to everywhere. If someone starts something with you, walk away. It's not worth it to make an enemy out of a classmate.
Focus more on schoolwork rather than boys, and you'll have more time for fun in college. The better your grades are in high school, the more scholarships you can get for college which means you won't have to work as much and you'll have more time for friends, fun, and the loads of homework! (And your social life in college matters way more than your social life in high school...) Just my opinion... Been working my way through college for 4 years and I would have given up my high school stuff to have had more scholarships and more time to myself in college.
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I keep having worries about high school which is coming right around the corner.....so i was wondering if anybody could lend me some useful advice, on everything....boys, making friends, school work, just everything and anything would be great, thankies~! smile

High School is fun. You'll make friends no matter what.
I'm a Sophomore in High School, I love it!
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Focus on your studies. Do you homework. Write your papers. Read your assignments. If you ******** up your GPA freshman year, it's hard to get it back up. Remember what your in school for. If you need help, ask the teacher. It's what they're there for in the first place. Or, if you can't, at least ask a friend who is good in the class to explain things to you. It might help.

Make sure you have a pad/tampon with your or in your locker. You or a friend will most likely need it at some point. A small comb and a mirror are also good things to have.

Join classes or clubs in things that interest you. If you like to draw, take art. If you like to sing, take choir. Try to find classes that are mixed grades; it helped me make friends from all over the school, which is nice.

Making friends isn't too hard. Look around you and find something to talk about with a person you might want to be friends with. Comment on her t-shirt, her hair style, the homework you have to do, the test you both took, etc. Finding some common ground is a good place to start.

Boys. Hmm. I would suggest not dating in high school, personally, because it can take away from school work and other things you should be doing, but if you think you can balance a social life, school work, home life, sports, etc, then go for it. Don't date just to date; date because you like the person and want to get to know them. Date because you want to, not because you feel like you have to. And try not to be all over your boyfriend in school; holding hands and giving a peck between classes is one thing. Eating each other's faces off against a wall and being late for class is another. A boyfriend shouldn't be the most important thing to you right now, but it can be fun to have one, too. Don't have sex until your ready and are on birth control; it will save you a lot of worrying once you do decide to have sex.

Relax. Everyone is nervous for the first few days. Try to make some friends, figure out the map of the school and wake up on time. Eat before you go to school, too. It can be just an apple or a piece of toast, but eat something. It will help you wake up and get through first period.

Don't compare yourself to others. You don't need to be them. You can be you and you will make friends by being yourself. Remember that high school is only a short four years, that it doesn't matter outside of high school and that you won't be there forever. Have fun and good luck :3
I am currently in my first year of highschool and I'm doing well!
I'm a workaholic but it pays off and I get good grades. And yes, my school doesn't have cliques. We all hang out in our groups but I always hop around to other groups and socialize.
As for boys, I'm actually crushing on this one guy, and it's making me a little distracted so I would take it easy with that.

It's not scary as it sounds, too, highschool. And I go to a really... erm... ghetto school. Sometimes I even forget I'm in highschool and feel like any other grade!

The only difference is that it's a big step up: New people, new teachers, but you get that every year almost.
The work load might seem harder but just do your work all the time.

You should join a club! This year I didn't but I really wish I had!
It's just like normal school, except some of the people mature more and the work becomes harder. Just focus on your schoolwork and stay out of drama. Don't gossip or get caught up in it, it's all pointless and immature. And don't care about what people think about you. Just be yourself.

Also, remember if anyone ever tries to bully you or call you a name, it's because they themselves are hurting and are just wanting to take it out on you. Not because of you, but because of them and because they're jealous of you. So never let any type of bullying get to you (if you're bullied at all about anything.)

When it comes to boys, I have no idea o.x

I don't think I'll ever have a boyfriend at this rate xD
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I keep having worries about high school which is coming right around the corner.....so i was wondering if anybody could lend me some useful advice, on everything....boys, making friends, school work, just everything and anything would be great, thankies~! smile

It's normal to be worried about highschool like that, I was too when before I started. But, it's just like primary school really, sure you get a timetable and you have to arrive at classes on your own but it's more easier then it sounds. And you can always follow a helpful classmate too.

To answer your questions: As you said highschool is coming around the co
rner, I'm assuming your a year 6 right? Well, having boyfriends isn't as important at your age, worry about that in the senior years.
When you first start year 7 they have peer support, and many programs based on making friends, and you'll find that every else is probably looking for friends too, or just ask someone you like (non-romantic way) to sit with them, or ask them to sit with you.
I guess it really depends on your academic progress in your primary school, if you were above average or average then you shouldn't really have any problems, and the schoolwork is a touch harder but it shouldn't be intense or anything. And if you do find it tricky ask a teacher, they're paid to explain things.

wow, thanks, im really gonna take your advice for this. ^^

No problem razz
Don't take this area of high school too seriously.
I realize that this won't make much sense in the thick of it but just know that your self worth is not measured by their perspective, it's yours that counts.
That's something I had a really hard time with.
Also, sex is another touchy subject. Please be responsible. When, where, how, and who are all very personal and private decisions and they are YOURS to make. If your only just starting high school then you must be what? 14? I don't want to preach, just be careful and stay safe.

Find yourself a handful of great friends.
The fact is, in a couple years, you won't know any of the shitty people or even the 'sorta' friends. The people who will stick with you through the years, even after high school, are going to be those two or three girls/guys that you can truly be yourself with.
High school is full of people who seem fake but like you, their just trying to figure themselves out and find their place so try not to judge, just try to find a few good friends that will enrich your life.
By all means, socialize. Diversify.
But don't forget the true friends that matter the most.

School Work
Don't pull your hair out.
Don't overly stress yourself.
It is JUST high school.
I don't know if you have plans beyond graduation day yet. I know at your age, I didn't, but high school is only a small portion of the long life ahead of you and it's not worth some of things I saw my fellow classmates put themselves through.
Do your best. Try to get the best grades you can and try to get the best aptitude test scores you can. ((I don't know where you live but here we take the ACT))
Honestly, if you give the academic side of high school your best effort, then your free to make whatever plans you'd like afterwards.

All The Other Stuff
Stay out of the big trouble.
Stay away from drugs and alcohol. You're going to be on the receiving end of a lot of pressure to try things you might not be comfortable with, but remember what I said earlier? A good friend does not base their friendship on whether or not you got s**t faced at after-prom. I know that sound very "after-school-special" but I'm not done yet!
If your anything like the me or my friends, then you'll want to experiment.
I'm in no way endorsing underage drinking but I confess, I got drunk a couple times in high school and I smoked more then my fair share of weed. I still do enjoy the occasional smoking session every now and then. I can't stop you from doing these things. I'd be a hypocrite if I said not to. But just do your experimenting SAFELY.

I hope this helps. Feel free to PM me if you have any other specific concerns. I might be able to help.
I graduated about two years ago... I know I'm so old... ugh.
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Ehh...highschool definately wasn't the best experience of my life. I'm so glad i don't have to do that again. I just skimmed the first page but everyone seems to have enoyed it immensely. For me, highschool was cliquey, my friends were immature, jealous and manipulative, and my principle arrested me for drawing a fish on the wall in pencil. I do still talk to a few people however, and i'm still superduper close to my best friend from h.s., so i'm really glad i met him.

I'm saying this to freak you out though, o.p., I know my experience was unique to me. My advice to you is to just be yourself no matter what. The schoolwork flucuates between alot and a little and you'll probably be learning alot of writing skills to prepare you for college. Introduce yourself on the first day, everyone is going to be nervous. Regardless of if your experience in highschool is remembered fondly or with some distaste, highschool is a learning experience where not only will you learn pratcical skills and get educated, but you'll learn alot about yourself and what makes you you.

Good luck~
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Everyone's experience in High School is different, depending on region and size. Me being from a small town and one high school of about 1000 students, everyone pretty much knew each other and surprisingly got along with the occasional drama.

Basically, don't fret about boys (trust me on this one), don't carry around a ton of stuff (teachers lie when you need textbooks everyday, unless it's history or language), and don't give a flying s**t about drama and what people think about you (8-9 times out of 10 those people are the ones getting wasted every weekend and failing their classes). It's a whole new ballpark out there, and I hope you enjoy the best of it.
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I keep having worries about high school which is coming right around the corner.....so i was wondering if anybody could lend me some useful advice, on everything....boys, making friends, school work, just everything and anything would be great, thankies~! smile

i finished last year and i already want to go back,, cherrish it, it is some of the best years eva!

Aw, i hope i can. did you worry at first too?

eh,, no not really but that may be cos the primary school was next to the high school. sure the first few days i got lost but then i loved it after that. if you worry it will seen scary but look foward to it and don't focus on the negativity

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