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a pretty sensitive issue: i have relatively bad hirsutism (i believe it's called?), a condition by which i get darker, coarse hair on my neck, chin, and chest. it's REALLY embarrassing, and i haven't been able to find a good way of getting rid of it.

i've tried shaving, which leaves razor burn/bumps and doesn't work well, and i've also tried a sally hansen removal creme (which only partially worked). any suggestions that don't involve laser hair removal or electrolysis? i'm trying to find a product that would be relatively cheap and work well. i just don't really know where to start.

(i'd appreciate mature, educated responses to this, it is an embarrassing issue i've dealt with for a long time.)
You could get the areas waxed. It doesn't hurt that bad and is relatively cheap compared to laser. Also, the process only needs to be done about once a month.
i've actually been suggested that before. i just don't know what sorts of places provide that service...salons??? D:
Typically yes. There are usually places at malls that are cheaper. Where I live, they usually have waxing centers in strip malls as well that offer pretty affordable packages.
I'd google waxing centers in your area and see what comes up.
I have had a problem like that too but on my arms,
you can't see from a distance but up close pretty thick.
but there are some hair removal creams too,
you could use Veet and Nair.
I would save up for the laser hair removal. Getting it all done and away in one shot when you have the chance is, I think, a better deal than getting it waxed off for the rest of your life. : D But do what makes you happy.
Laser hair removal is going to be the most cost effective thing in the long term - it should significantly reduce the coarseness and thickness of the hair over time. Not to mention it means you won't need to get a full body wax every month or so...Don't get me wrong, waxing isn't excruciating, but I'd opt for a few sessions for life-long results over waxing for the rest of your life.
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I would save up for the laser hair removal. Getting it all done and away in one shot when you have the chance is, I think, a better deal than getting it waxed off for the rest of your life. : D But do what makes you happy.

Laser hair removal isn't completely permanent though. I think it's supposed to last from 4-6 months or something like that? Still, it would be nice even for that amount of time to not worry about it.
Just looked it up and I stand corrected. Laser hair removal really isn't as permanent as they say it is. The closest thing to best results for permanent hair removal is Electrolysis.. and even then sessions are still needed for possible regrown rogue hair.

Aw, this makes me a little sad. crying
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I have..i guess having laser hair removal. It isnt like it makes it go away completely, but it significally makes it LESS. I am getting it for a year, and my leg for example is in patches right now, where there is a line the length of my finger of hair that is like an inch long, then a line of parts that have no hair at all or just starting to grow again.. I can take a pic but I dont really shave unless for the appointment because it is too cold stiff for bare legs. It isnt a permanent thing, but it certainly helps

My underams (which I am also getting done) looks okay isnt when it would normally look more like a bush considering how long it was since I have shaved that too.

It isnt a permanet removal but it is a big noticable difference and I say worth it.

Now if you want to go this route, you cant wax during that time, because they need the roots of your hair for the procedure.
i appreciate all the responses here, but i specifically said i wasn't looking for laser or electrolysis. i'm looking for product suggestions to do on my own.
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You can buy wax kits at your local pharmacy too, I believe. But outside of laser hair removal and such, your best bet is waxing or hair removal creams such as Nair, etc.
The only advice I can offer isn't necessarily a solution but an aid to something you've tried. If you apply a very thin layer(like, one swipe) of regular solid deodorant on the areas you shave you wont have any bumps or irritation no matter how often you do it (it's why our armpits don't get that way), plus it will make that skin very smooth.... Don't know if that helps or not.
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Maybe you should talk to a dermatologist to see if there are any medications that help stunt hair growth? A medication that affects you on a hormonal level may help stop the hair from growing or lessen it. As for removing the hair, keep looking for hair removal creams and buffers since you say shaving didn't work out the best?
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If you're not looking for suggestions such as laser hair removal/therapy, then really your only options are continuous shaving and/or waxing. Waxing would last longer than shaving, and not need to be done as frequently, so that might be your best opinion. You can buy waxing kits, or individual strips and wax, at salons or even places as common as Target and Walmart.

Also, I'm not exactly sure what it is you have, but a friend of mine had a condition which caused her to have excessive body hair (her hair is black, by the way) on her back and neck. She met with an endocrinologist, since her problem was hormone related, and has since been put on medication. The hair growth has been significantly reduced, and is barely noticeable now. A medical approach may be helpful, if your condition falls under that umbrella. Again, though, I'm not sure what it is, so it's just a suggestion.

Good luck. n u n

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