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Lately I've been feeling the urge to change my style of dress. I'm normally clad in a baggy t-shirt, loose basketball shorts, and my fila kicks, but for some reason I just feel like wearing girls clothes and makeup. Despite not desiring at all to identify as female, I feel unfaithful to my identify. I'm reluctant to go out dressed like a woman in public because I don't want to be confronted by people who know I'm male identified or approached by people who think I am female identified. I know what I wear has no bearing on my gender, but I feel like this might lead to conflict. I guess I just want some reassurance, possibly from people who know where I'm coming from.
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I'm not quite understanding why you can't just wear whatever the hell you want and not give a ******** what other people think?

Like, I identify as female, and I wear dude clothes one day and chick clothes the next. No one can say s**t to me about it because I don't give a crap.
Maybe you shouldn't either, and just do you!
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This is one of these hard things. Yes, if you see yourself a s aguy, going out and wearing girly stuff will make it hard for people to see you as a guy. It is hard enough as it is, worse when you muddle in the middle of things. Doesnt mean you cant do it, but you are goign to get people who wont get it because it is taking somethign that people have trouble with normally and then upping up the confusion a level.
Is it really that important that the ppl you identified dont approach you? you should be comfortable enough with yourself to deal with that sort of situation. Wear whatever you like.
im exactly feeling the same... i use gaia to express myself as a anonymus crossdresser. i hate my life...
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Have you heard of androgyny?

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