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One I would either go see a doctor as soon as possible or if you cant afford it I believe you could go see planned parenthood and they will talk to you about it for free. I am on birth control I have been for 3 1/2-4 years I have had no problems it works perfectly for me. I honestly think it would be the best thing for you to try birth control. I know a couple of people that have that kind of problem and there doctor put them on birth control to deal with it. I get my birth control for free with my husbands insurance. How old are you? If you are under 26 you can be on your parents insurance if they will let you and most birth control is cheap with insurance it was $20 a month on my moms. If you go to planned parenthood you can also get birth control for cheap or free usually.

On the pill I have my period at the same time every month and it only lasts about four days. It is usually light and I barely feel it.
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Get mirena. It's an IUD, you don't have to worry about taking a pill every day, some insurances cover it, and it made my periods stop eek
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From what you are describing, that sounds like you have a condition called Endometriosis, and yes, you DO need to see a doctor since it is a serious condition. I have seen how much it can affect the person who has it(a very close relation of mine currently suffers from it). I know you have said that it is not affordable to see a doctor, but with this, you simply must get some medical advice and attention from a professional.

Helpful Links:
Endometriosis Info from the U.S. Library of Medicine
Mayo Clinic Endometriosis Page

^^ this ^^

I have endometriosis as well, and I know EXACTLY what you are going through. It got to the point to where I had to skip school for a week because I would not stop bleeding (I was sitting on the toilet for hours). I only found out a couple years ago that I have it (didn't have to get tested, I told the gyno my symptoms and she IMMEDIATELY said it was endometriosis, and my mom confirmed it because she had it too).

I call birth control pills "miracle pills". I highly suggest that you try Loestrin Fe, it's a low estrogen pill and it helps regulate your body's menstrual cycle without ODing you with estrogen. DO NOT USE YAZ!!!! I was on that for three years and started getting really bad symptoms, I was also overly emotional and blew things out of porportion.

When you do go to the gyno, they might also talk to you about Mirena (an IUD), I have been doing research on that because apparently it kind of gets rid of endometriosis, but I am very wary of it. You should be wary of it too. For right now though, focus on birth control and see how that helps. I try to stay away from IUD's because of some complications that can occur. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU! I hope you feel better!
i've been getting mines twice a month too. I usually end up throwing up and having really bad cramps to where i cry all night and can't go to sleep for hours. I take ibruprofen...however u spell that and thats the only thing that works. If I don't take my pill as soon as I start, I end up getting really sick and have to stay home for 2 days. i eat lots of iron and drink lots of water like they say and that doesn't help.
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I had the exact same problems, and honestly? Apparently having a baby made me regular, but that's not really an option so...
In extreme cases you may have extra cells or something in your uterus that causes the heavy bleeding and longer, irregular periods.
Getting a pap smear is probably the best idea for you, from then they can tell you whether you need to get a IUD which is inserted by a doctor into your uterus, it's one of the things they have to test me for with my up coming pap smear.
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Before it comes up, let me first say that I haven't taken this to the doctor because I don't have a doctor and I can't really afford to go see one at the moment. I do plan to go see one as soon as I can afford it, though.

For reference, I'm in my early twenties.

I have an awful menstrual cycle. I have:
1. An irregular, frequent cycle - Never at the same time, sometimes twice a month.
2. Very heavy bleeding - On the first two days, I usually go through a tampon/pad every 1-2 hours.
3. Severe pain beyond normal cramps - So painful that I have to drug myself up to the eyeballs and take time off school/work.
4. Cycles that last 7+ days - I don't think I've ever had a short/normal cycle.

I've been looking up ways to treat this because I know it's not normal. It looks like I have 3 options:
1. Birth control pills - I'm not too keen on the pills. I've looked at the side effects and a lot of them seem to outweigh the good. The cost would also be a bit of a problem.
2. Thermal Endometrial Ablation - Doesn't work as well for younger women as it does for older women. Younger women often need to have the procedure a second or third time for it become permanent.
3. Hysterectomy - It's really expensive (about $10,000). The recovery period is also pretty long.

If you could suggest something and/or give me your opinions, that would be great. If you're on the pill, I'd love to know how it works/doesn't work for you, and if you've had one of the above surgeries, I'd also love to know how it works/doesn't work for you.

I've trawled the internet but if you have an article that you think might be handy, I'd love to read up on it.

In before 'EW YOU'RE A MAN!'

I am a female-to-male transsexual, and I had similar experiences when still had my menstrual cycle (before I went on Testosterone). However, I was young too (around 14, 15 years old) when my irregularities would occur.

You MIGHT have PMDD, a more severe form of PMS and menstruation, and in all honesty, despite your dislike of the pill, that may be one of the only things that would do you well. You can get such things at Planned Parenthood for a low cost, and this will also help your estrogen levels regulate themselves so you are more regular and less likely to have tremendous pain and heavy bleeding.
Unfortunately I cannot give you any medical insight, only my personal experience.

From the very beginning I was exactly, and I mean, 100% the same, from the irregularity to the excruciating pain. I consulted my gynaecologist and he prescribed me the pill. It combines 75µg gestodene and 20µg ethinylestradiol and I have to say that I've been reborn ever since I'm on it. My cramps disappeared completely, my 7+ days were reduced to 4. I admit, I still have somewhat heavy bleeding but it lasts only during the first morning instead of 3 days and 3 night straight. My period became so regular I could predict to the hour when it will "strike" smile

Of course, there were some side effects - my sex drive was reduced to zero [I am sexually active and in a steady relationship], but my partner was very understanding and I managed to overcome this. smile

My advice to you is that you should first look up on the Internet a few prescriptions [all e-pharmacies provide a copy of the recipe - how this medication works, how to take it, side effects, etc.] and then consult a gynaecologist. Don't be shy or afraid to ask him questions - after all this is your body and your health and he or she is there to help you. 3nodding

PS: One of the best things that came with the pill was not related to my period at all. If you're on the pill you have to be careful not to upset your stomach [that is very essential if you also make use of it preventing pregnancy] otherwise your organism won't absorb the pill properly. And at once, I found myself shifting to a healthy diet and active stress-reducing hobbies and sport, and my life got like 100x better blaugh
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Ugh, I hate getting bad cramps. Always resulted in me staying off the computer for days, curled up on the couch hugging a hot water bottle to my abdomen. Although the cramps are nowhere near as bad as the bloating.

Those are the reasons I'm on Seasonale. It gives me my period only four times a year, and it makes expecting them a lot easier. I did feel a little nauseated when I first started it but it went away after the first couple of days.

I'd say go with the birth control, becaus it's not permanent like the other two options and you may want to have kids in the future.
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You could be a hemophiliac.
I had an ex that has the very same issues as you, She had to go to a doctor for specific medicine to slow the blood in her body. The pain your are experiencing is from the massive blood loss, your bones and organs become weak and unhealthy. You are also more prone to Blood infections which can also lead to heavier cycles during if not after your period should of ended. I am a male, by the way, and I do know quite a bit about the female body considering I've been raised by females, I'm more empathetic towards your cramps, and I actually understand the pain your feeling. Again, you could tell me to ******** myself depending on how severe the pain is. sweatdrop
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You can't just get treated without seeing a doctor.

Yup. I had the same problem with extremely heavy period when I was 14. I thought it was normal but my mum noticed I was using too many pads and took me to the doc. So glad she did. I was put on a medication I took a few times a day while on my period.. after a few months I was having a "normal" flow. It was great to not feel absolutely drained for the first 3 days of my period.
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I had something really similar to you. I had the worst period. Sometimes I would stay home the whole week because I couldn't handle the pain. And just like you, I didn't think taking birth control would be a good idea. But it worked out really well for me. It made my period shorter, took away a lot of the pain, and made it lighter. I seriously thought it was a life saver.

If cost is something you're worried about you should really look into planned parenthood. They have a plan where you can get a lot of things for free (Like going to see their doctors, getting free birth control/plan b/condoms/more), which I'm apart of since I'm unemployed. If you really can't afford it I'm sure they can set you up with something. But either way, their birth control is much cheaper and just as effective.

And if you don't like the side effects you can always just stop taking it and try something else! So before you jump into surgeries and anything else, just try the pill for a few months. It might work just as well on you as it did for me. :>

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