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Yes...this is a poo problem and yes this is a mule xd So if it's a TMI then go away. I plan on visiting a doctor as soon as I land a job with some damn insurance cause god knows I ain't got none.

Ever since I was young I've had a strange problem with defecation. I tend to hold it a LOT and I know that doesn't help. I've been to the doctor for it a few times and usually they take a sample and end up with it coming back alright.

...But I dream of the day I may lay a solid stool. =/

It's always a soup/water consistency and occasionally graces a chunky texture that comes out in mushy pellets. You know that feeling when you have to wipe a thousand times to get everything? Yeah, it's that consistency when it's NOT being water. It's usually loud, gassy and VERY embarrassing and rancid. My stomach is almost always burbling and gurgling and it makes it very awkward to be in intimate situations. My stomach always kills the moment or I feel like I have to hold in something gassy. Speaking of gas, I ALWAYS freakin' have it!

It's to the point where if I do manage a solid stool, I will almost feel the need to celebrate. And usually after that one it's immediately back to soup.

It's probably diet. I don't eat well at all (hot pockets anyone?) I do eat fruit but it makes it mushy and tends to hurt my stomach. I eat a lot of bread products and I thought it was supposed to harden it up? I also take in a lot of cheese or pre-frozen food products like fries, chicken strips. Lazy people food. Not so much fast food though. I know I eat bad because my nails are also disgusting and cracking. I'm not getting enough something in my diet.

They thought it might have been gluten sensitivity but I don't know. I always have this problem no matter what I eat and even if I eat something shitty (no pun intended) I will rarely (like once a month) have a solid stool.

It's just gross and embarrassing and moving into a place with the love is going to suck if I can't get over this problem. I just want it to be normal and just solid so it doesn't sound like a machine gun every time I manage to spew out the liquid disgustingness. T.T

Any similar problems/suggestions?
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start eating healthier for one thing. Cheese sometimes make me sick if I eat too much. Start eating stiff with protein and as soon as you can go to a doctor. You could have the starting signs of IBD (crohns, colitis). You don't want it to get worse if you do have it.
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One word: vegetables. Anything your lacking (iron, etc) can be found in fruits and veggies. And they will harden up your stool. Ever seen a rabbit s**t water?

Do you have suggestions on what to eat?


xd I never thought of it that way! What veggies or fruits would you recommend? Usually around the house we have spinach, lettuce, carrots or celery and potatos. For fruits we usually have oranges or apples.
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I hate to be a pain and steal some of the thread but im having the opposite problem, mines completely hard & sometimes painful w/a bit of blood... and im wondering what I could eat to make it softer? gonk
How much fiber do you get a day?
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Bunbun Muffin

Do you have suggestions on what to eat?


xd I never thought of it that way! What veggies or fruits would you recommend? Usually around the house we have spinach, lettuce, carrots or celery and potatos. For fruits we usually have oranges or apples.

Spinichisvery high in iron. Any dark green veg is.
Lettuce is basically just fiber and water
Carrots have all sorts of great stuff in them.
Celery has lots of fiber too.

Another thing you might look into is prunes or apricots. I love dried apricots and they're high in fiber. If those don't work, there's always fiber supplements/powders.
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I have the same problem, too. I have had it all my life. I am completely healthy. Maybe irritable bowel syndrome?
Are you in a normal weight-range? And how is your kidney function?

Your small intestine is responsible for a majority of your water absorption, with the very end bit of your large intestine (your bowel) being responsible for the rest. I would be very interested to see which parts of your digestive tract is actually the issue here, and if your blood and hormone levels are also normal. When you get stool samples taken, do they also do blood tests? If not, I'd go back to your doctor and ask them to check your hormone levels for your thyroid function and any other possible abnormalities in your blood. The fact that you're expelling so much water when you poo could cause issues for you, especially if your kidneys aren't functioning properly. Even if this is completely normal for your body (everyone is different) it would be better to check it all out just in case.

If that doesn't fix anything, try eliminating certain groups of foods from your diet for periods at a time to see if that helps. Eliminate all wheat products first. If that makes your poo solid, you likely have a wheat intolerance. If that doesn't change anything, eliminate dairy. Finally, if that doesn't help, try cutting out sugars...I've heard of people's bowels getting irritated by sugar, which results in the cramping and watery poo you talk about.
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Fix your damn diet. If that doesn't work, THEN there might be something wrong. Until then, there's really no way to tell.
As already mentioned just try eating better, more fruit and veggies and just healthier eating all around. I must admit it does sound like a case of IBS, i suffer from it so i also suggest keeping a food diary and keeping an eye on when it's worse, chances are something that day doesn't agree with you, but honestly the only way you'll get the answer is by seeing a doctor.
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Eat lots of rice. That's good stuff for this problem. I was really sick when I was little in a similar way, and the doctor said no apples, bananas, or bran, and eat lots of rice!
Start eating healther.
If you have gluten sensitivity, your stool will stay fluid, even if you only eat a little grain product. This means you have to cut out grain products completely.
Lactose intolerance also can cause diarrhoea, so you also could decide to cut out milk products.
And to be healthy, you do need fruit and vegetables. Not just fruit, but also vegetables. Bananas are supposed to make stool harder.

and also, go see your doctor. Get allergy tests done, and get tested for the diseases Riimmy talked about. Do any family members of you also have problems with their bowels?

As others suggested, a food-stool diary might be a good idea as well. Write down what you ate that day, and what your stool was that day. Give your stool a grade for how liquidy it is that day. Writing down how many times you poop and pee that day is also good for that diary.
Sounds like too much processed food. Learn to cook, girl.
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Fiber and excercise.

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