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I think if you have any feelings for anyone who isn't your girlfriend.. then you shouldn't be said girlfriend.
It's not right.
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Batman doesn't respect privacy, does he?

He does, in fact.

But he ends up saving her life later.
I really think that batman has psychological issues and could've done a lot more for the world as Bruce Wayne.

He's helped to cure a variety of diseases, like polio, around the world, and malaria, as Bruce Wayne, and he shut down Lexcorp, among other things.

But without him, we'd be dead at least 10 times over.

He's stopped brainwashed supermans, crazy aliens, people who surely would have taken over the world or killed us all.

In the end, we owe Batman the world at least 10 times over.

Well, in the comics that is. xp

Pity, he's more of a speedbump than a wall against evil.
Iron Man knows how to deal with villians.


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Stop leading your girlfriend on then. Do her a favor and leave.
So Im with my girl right I love her, a lot. I've known her practically all my life. Then there's this friend who I met recently 2yrs ago she literally saved me from going down a bad path.
Both are very dear to me, my gf is beautiful to me but her persona isn't the brightest, strongest, and best. My friend she is just, she knows what she wants, is ready, smart and strong, but she's okay looking at best.
She says in with my gf because I wanted to help her from going down a wrong way and I have. She looks more lively now, but that our personalities don't connect like my her's and I's do.
I love my gf a lot but I can feel that eventually I will not be able to put up with her problems and just quit, but I feel the need to be with her.
Yet with my friend she helps me but we both now click more than ever. She understands me completely.
Who should I go for?

To me, it sounds like you already know who you want to be with.
Also, how can you help your friend with her problems, but you can't help your girlfriend's problems?

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