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You're convincing yourself you have pregnancy symptoms when it would be too early to have those symptoms anyway. Stop panicking, wait until you're meant to have your period and go from there.

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Did you use protection?

In any case, you'll probably just have to wait for your period to come along. You can buy tests that have early detection, but I think it's better to wait for your date to come up.

Try not to worry too much, because stress can cause your cycle to mess up

Good luck!
No we didn't use protection...but he never came inside, though guess that doesn't say much.

It's very possible you're pregnant, as sometimes a small amount of semen can escape the urethra before ejaculation actually occurs. It's an insignificant amount, but if you have sex as often as you say, then it's very much a possibility that you have become impregnated. In which case, congratulations, you're a mother! If not, congratulations, you're not a mother!
I suggest picking up some pregnancy tests at the local store. Even if you do get your period, you will have pregnancy tests on hand if you ever feel like you may be pregnant later down the load. Plus, I think some pregnancy tests claim that they can detect a pregnancy before the woman is 'due' for their period, but it probably best to wait until you should be getting your period.

Are you trying to get pregnant? If not, you may want to look into condoms, birth control, and other methods.

If you find out your are pregnant, please see a doctor.
We are not trying to get pregnant. These signs actually started probably 3 weeks ago, but I had my period so I thought nothing of it. The signs have come back, so that's why I am slightly confused.

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