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I've tried to tell him to stop playing video games so much and spend some time with me, but now it's gotten to a point where it's hard to even get him to put it down for five seconds and talk to me, and sometimes the only way I can get him to talk to me is if I message him on the game he's playing or on skype even though he's right down stairs...

What do I do? I am so sick and tired of him mooching off me and my parents, not appreciating anything I do, and ignoring me when he plays his games (which is all the time)... I've talked to him about it over and over but he never changes it.

Dump him. Forever.
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When he's not playing a game unplug everything. When he finds this out, tell him that you two need a serious talk where you need ALL his attention. Sit him down somewhere; tell him how ignored you feel, how used you feel, how neglected you feel because of his obsessive video game playing. Let him know it needs to be cut out. You cannot emotionally handle it anymore, but you need someone who can give you the attention you need, and that may mean kicking him out or dumping him to find someone that can. You need to instill this into his brain, that it takes two for a relationship to work. He may feel comfortable with how things are, but you are not. If he's cooperative, write down a list of things you enjoy and would like to try, and circle the ones you're both interested in. Try these things and maybe you both can find a hobby you can enjoy together. Otherwise, buhbye.
Coming from a gamer, this is more than just a video game addiction.
I think he's trying to escape the real world.
I think he wants to mooch off you as much as possible so he wont need to get a job.

As a gamer, if I had a girlfriend and she wanted my attention, My ******** controller would be off in a second.
Dump him obviously rolleyes
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He obviously finds the game more entertaining than you. That's the reality of it.
If he wanted to talk to you then he would do it, wouldn't he? You can't force him to want you.

I'd say that he just isn't that interested any more. Even though it's been a long time, and it will hurt, why not just leave?
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I was going to suggest strangling him with his controller cord, but that's probably not good advice.

So dump the ********.
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Dump him via Skype or in-game, since that seems to be his only two forms of communication.

If you're not everything to him, he should be nothing to you. You'll learn that with age.
I disagree with the "you'll learn that with age" you guys have been on and off for eight years.
Un-plug everything and sit down with him and have a serious talk.
Either he changes or he's gone. You have wasted 8 years.
I mean...how old are you both?
I've been with my fiance nearly four years and we are both twenty this year and never had huge issues. I don't think he "likes" gaming, I think it is his "world".
I'd dump him since 8 years of promises and nothing.
Usually I say "work it out" and I don't like when people quickly say "end it."
But....eight years!? He doesn't care. Especially if you've had long talks before.
Accept the games mean more to him than you.
Less you have never tried to actually fix this in a serious manner than try it.
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Dude had his chance to change. You guys have been dating on and off for 8 years and continues to be a mooch.

Kick him to the curb.
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I think this has gone past talking. You've tried talking to him about it and he clearly knows this is bothering you, yet he continues to play. So, as someone else already said, he prefers getting lost in his games than spending time with you. It's been 8 years and no improvement. So what're you waiting for? He's not going to change now.
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Dude had his chance to change. You guys have been dating on and off for 8 years and continues to be a mooch.

Kick him to the curb.

Yeah. Anyone saying "Just give him a chaaaaance" is ignoring the fact that he's already had nearly a decade to act his age. Frankly, the minimal things you're asking of him shouldn't even need to be asked in the first place; an adult should know his responsibilities and meet them without someone standing over him with reminders and gold stars. He's using you and your family, and that's not going to stop. Why would it? He's getting all this stuff for free and he doesn't have to lift a finger! Kick him to the curb. It's long since you should have done that.
Break up with him permanently.

You've wasted almost a decade going back and forth. He knows what the problems in the relationship are. He knows what he needs to do to be a better SO. The bottom line is that he continues to ignore it because he KNOWS that you will eventually take him back.

Quit wasting your time and end it for good because he is NEVER going to change.
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End it. And kick his a** out.
Then he'll have to get a job if he wants his precious video games.

He obviously doesn't give a ******** about you if he's spending all of his time playing video games.
He can have a relationship with a video game character then.
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Everyone wh has posted before me is right. I love my boyfriend but if I was in the same situation as you, I would give him the ultimatum to lessen the video game playing and spend more time with me or it's over. I'm a gamer but I know when I have played too much.

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