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Try sleeping. Depression sucks because nothing can motivate you, people always told me to play video games, so I did but I never felt appeal from them. What is something that you can always do, that takes you to another place? For me, it was usually movies, they helped a little, but it was music, specifically instrumental music via my own guitar, playing it, practicing.

After I got so good that I couldn't get any better (with my swollen knuckles) I just induced crashes and slept a lot, like sugar crash, caffeine crash, timing the crashes to match my sleeping schedule.
Well I mean I'm not usually a very depressed person. =/ It's just the past few weeks have been very hard on me emotionally and it's starting to show. X_X As far as doing things to keep my mind off it, I've already tried. I listen to music, play games, mess around on Gaia, but it doesn't help. =/ It probably sounds stupid but the only thing that really helps is just talking to people.

With the things that have been going on, I just hate being left alone with my thoughts, lately. x.x

Spending too much time inside your own mind can detach you from reality. I know, because I'm the result of that at its worst. Other people are definitely the key to a good social life, since that's what it is, but you rely too heavily on other people for that, and people are not reliable. The best thing you can do, as far as your depressive state, is to let it out. Don't hold anything back, it's like smoke stains on a window, impossible to see through, but so easily removable if you're willing to get your hands dirty. Spend more time in the presence of other people, more often than you do by yourself (don't count the hours you're asleep or online).
=/ How am I supposed to let things out of I have no one to talk to, though? Or am I missing your point ><;

You don't need people to let things out, for most it's actually better that nobody's around for it... I remember at times, I desperately needed to talk to someone in the middle of the night, and nobody was there. That feeling of suffering, desperation, irrational, and if anyone ever did talk to me, they'd be ******** useless as ever with their 2-word conversations. My point's that you can't rely on people, so you need to spend less time doing that, and more time figuring out how you can be someone who people rely on to be there in the middle of the night when they need someone to talk to.
I see what you mean now..I'm usually the person my friends come to when they need help, but lately no one's been up this late. x_X;
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I'll talk to you over IM or something... I'm pretty shy when it comes to voice convos...

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