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We have had many problems ,
And he keeps telling me to ' shut the ******** up or Ill beat you '
Whats this a sign of? He scares me when he says all that kind of stuff..
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Yeah I would take that as a sign of abusive tendicies happening. Because once he takes you up on that and actually hits you, physical abuse. Even as a bluff it isnt appropriate.
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VERY clear signs.

The first time he ever comes close, transform and roll out.
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Yes, threatening you with physical violence is already an abusive relationship. He is using threat of force to scare you and make you comply, this is already abusive and it doesn't need to get physical for something to be abusive. Get out now, you do not deserve to be treated like that. If you're too afraid to leave, get the help of your parents and maybe even your friends. As he's threatened your safety, don't go to him alone. Bring someone who can help with you in case things go south and honestly if you're still worried I would say do it in a public place so he's less likely to fly off the handle.
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Personally, yes, I believe it shows violent intent.

But it's how you feel. It doesn't matter whether we think it could be him starting to abuse you. You admitted you feel scared. This shows a sign that you're not happy and comfortable in this relationship. Whether you want to confront him about him and try and get him to not act this way, or leave now because you truly believe it could get worse is up to you.

Just make sure you do what's safest for you and would make you happiest. You're not meant to threaten to beat your partner up, ever.
i would have to say that's a start of it, and i would suggest leaving before the threats aren't jusdt threats anymore
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Shut the ******** up or I'll beat you?
Drop his a** now.
That's a big fat warning sign right there. Even if it's an empty threat, the fact he feels that he can say that to you is a sign that he has some serious ********' issues.

I don't know if you're looking for advice on this or not, but I wouldn't recommend sticking around to see what this guy is going to do.
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We have had many problems ,
And he keeps telling me to ' shut the ******** up or Ill beat you '
Whats this a sign of? He scares me when he says all that kind of stuff..

well girl you look perfect to me...now to your question....yes, you do not need this from any man at all. I would tell him to stop and if he does not then get away. You are such a beautiful young woman you will never have a hard time finding the one....

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It's a sign that you need to get the heck out of that relationship. Seriously don't try to diagnose that, just leave. There is no excuse for him to be saying things like that.
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It's not a sign of anything. thsi sin't a warning sign. He's flat out telling you he has every intention of physically abusing you if you do follow his orders. Run, don't walk. Trust me, you'll wish you had.
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End it immediately.

I don't care if he'll follow through with it or not, that's still verbal abuse. He is already abusing you. End it.
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Time to bolt honey. Good luck!
I'm telling you from personal experience, even if he never lays a hand on you, it's apparent that he thinks he can say whatever he want. Don't ever let him try to smooth it over by saying "it was just a joke". That is total disrespect, and you're better off finding a man who respects you.

Believe me...they're difficult to find, but they are out there. Please, please, don't wait around for something worse to happen.
Leave. He's telling you just what he intends to do.

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