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Technically, yes. Though my friend, who was born today, chooses to celebrate her birthday on the 28th of February instead.
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I think some of the leap-year babies count March 1 as their birthday--cause you know, it'd be weird to look like a teenager and say, "Yeah, I'm four years old."

This ^
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Leap year is your official birthday, but march 1st is the day after February 28th just like leap year is. So you'd technically get a year older on that day, I guess.
That made more sense in my head.
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I've heard that people born on a leap year move their birthdays to February 28 because waiting four years is a pain.
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If you were born on February 29 would your birthday be every 4 years ? sweatdrop
Technically, yes. People I know born then (or married then - poor planning, no?) usually celebrate on the 28th.
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yum_strawberry yum_puddi It would totally stink to have your birthday on leap day since you never actually celebrate your birthday on your birthday for 3 years... yum_puddi yum_strawberry
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Idk but Im glad Im not a leap year baby. LOL.
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ikr ive been thinking about that too
If you were born on February 29 would your birthday be every 4 years ? sweatdrop
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Every year has about 365 days and 6 hours in it; the 6 hours are put together every four years and tacked onto February, so essentially you have 6 hours to celebrate a leap year birthday.
Yeah it would be. But you'd still have aged 4 years anyway so you could celebrate on February 28th or 1st March each year.
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Why does everyone make a big deal about this?
I was born on Feb 29... it's not a big deal, the time is still there it just happens to NOT be on a calender for three of every four years. x_x
I always celebrated my birthday on the first available weekend it had nothing to do with getting the day closest to my brithday, if it was in the middle of the week with school and work it would be pointless and boring so we just went with the nearest weekend.

I honestly think people who don't have Leap year birthday's make a bigger deal of it than people who do xD
I just always wanted people to leave me alone about it.

Fun facts, oh yeah, there is some town in the US that puts on a big a** festival for people with
birthdays on Feb 29...

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