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I would have loved to been born on a Leap year, just because it doesn't happen very often. It would be neat to say "Hey, I was born on a Leap Year!" heart
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Yay for holidays!
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My leap year was amazing because we went to choir festival today and we're going to states now because we did great!
Leap day always makes me think of frogs...
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Just remembered today is the 29th/this year was a leap year.
Happy Birthday to everyone born on a leap year by the way.

Don't have any cool leap year stories, sorry guys.
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My aunt was born in a leap year, so thats fun
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Happy Leap Year. xD
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I remember one leap year a giant raccoon started attacking a badger with six arms and two tails. It was an amazing fight. I never did find out what happened to either of them.

Stories Zero posts may or may not reflect actual truth.
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Hmm, nothing interesting has happened in my past Leap Days. :/ Only people exclaiming "It's Leap Day~!!"
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happy leap year ^^
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happy leap year
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i don't have any leap-year stories... but it's snowing right now biggrin
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Well, being that I was the featured avatar today, it will be four years before it will be a year that I was "last featured" >.>
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