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Yayyyyyyyy leap year. You know, I've always wondered how it would work out d=for somebody born on the 29th of February. I'd get so confused. xp

You celebrate it on March 1 or Feb 28. If it's not Leap year.
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It's actually 365.26 days a year
So every 100 years we skip a leap year.

We... do?
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I love leap years. February is my favorite month, not just because it's my birthday and the the birthstone is my favorite color, but because it's different from all the other months.

Which month has 28 days? All of them, but only February doesn't have 30 XD
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It's actually 365.26 days a year
So every 100 years we skip a leap year.

This is...awesome.
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is gaia giving us an item for the leap year day ?

Yup, post in the stickie by lanzer.
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SateIe Shan
Well lthere are 365 days in a year.
This is supposed to be how long it takes for the earth to rotate around the sun.
Really it take 365 days and 6 hours.
So every four years they add one more day to make up for those six hours (6hrsx4=24hrs=1day), that way everything matches up with the way its supposed to be.

It's added to February because , before February was the last month in the year in ancient times.

Another little known fact is that, though we use the Roman calendar... it is actually the Gregorian calendar as it is they who added the Leap Year day to correct Caesar's mistake.
Just saw that on the news this morning a few minutes ago.
coolness cool

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