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what happend to Echo!? ok so this might not be ok to post here but since you all jump from echo to Last shot i just wanna know

Echo was really cool and the characters and gear were all kick a** so....what the devil happend!!?

oh yeah, my conmgratulations to all of the XD team on a fine comic , Cheers biggrin
I'll leave fine details to somebody like VO, but effectively studio XD and Dreamwave split and since Dreamwave owned Echo, it was no longer done by XD. Then a little bit later we found XD doing Last Shot *shrug*
Heh hee
Ya know whats funny?
I own the entire series as well as a crapload of alter-covers and i am yet to even read em.
Hahaha im really bad for stuff like that. I'll buy books or dvds or games an not get arround to reading/watching/playing them.
lol gotta love it eh? hehehe. By the way, this is off topic but Mikagami, your signiture is absolutely hilarious...I swear I've said that before. smile
Heheheh completely not topic related but..
"Heey imma gonna screw you guys over soo that mind flayer you killed did a mind switch with your npc, ,so now your party member is dead and her body wants to kill ya"
us - "aww f**"
"and heey lookat this! i have enchantment! zaap!"
our minataur leader is now gonna kill us
mike's turn- "hmm.. what to do what to do.. either A-heal criticaly wounded party member.or. B- hold person the minitaur .. hey wait! break enchantment!"
dm- "what do you mean you have break enchantment!?!"
hehe yep
imma nerd
LOL As a dm let it be told that the most painful spell I've ever run into was Harm...thank you, that is all wink
thanks for anwsering that one Yrin

oh yeah, i would find funny what youre talking about IF i knew what the deuce were you talking about confused
erm didnt LOcke work on Last Shot? i really love his work...and im almost positive he did work on the manga. anyway good for him, hes a great guy ^^
Yes, L0cke is a great guy. smile
L0cke is a part of XD and we all collaborated to write and design the Last Shot universe.
The art in Last Shot however, is done by me, Charles Park and Saka.
Tell me again that story about studio XD and Dreamwave. I didn't know that.
i remember this comic, my friend showed it to me...the artwork and coloring was very well done
it's been awhile since there was a new ish of last shot.....
*waits patiently for the next one*
i heard things like money probs, freelance work, and contract stuff kept the xd guys from being on last shot for a bit... when i mention the title to a couple comic freaks over at my college they're like "last wha>??" -_-;;; it's like slapping me in the face with a glove fulla bricks. in my head i'll be in spirals of melodramatics with the whole "HOW CAN YOU NOT NOTICE LAST SHOT AT ALL I CANNOT UNDERSTAND SUCH LOGIC" thing.
Tell me again that story about studio XD and Dreamwave. I didn't know that.

It's long past, no one wants to bring it up again. They went their separate ways, DW will eventually get around to finishing the story of Echo... some day.

Let's just leave it at that.
if i join u

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