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You're all making me REALLY keen ot go and find the book now .... rolleyes
Its funny, i decide its time for me to start collecting a comic book series, I saw Lastshot on the shelf, and was like...ooooohh eek and I immediately picked it up, i got all 5 that came out, i was saddended taht they stopped putting lastshot out, i hope they start printing it again. crying
yeah lastshot was acomic i picked up for the hellof it. and me and my friend andrew (r.i.p) really dug it make more @ least 4 andrew's sake! crying
i read the first issue but hard to find the 2nd..

They say they are in stock. This will be handy for anyone unfortunate enough to not have picked it up already.

I am actually plotting the next arc of Last Shot in my spare time, as I do intend to finish it one day. Though, there are no official plans as to when a new issue will come out. Though, rest assured that when it does, we will probably rerelease a new TPB of the first arc with new stories inside that will cover scenes that occur in between a of the past issues in order to remind people of what Last Shot is all about.

Having said that, please don't hold your breath. As I said before, there are no solid plans at this point in time.

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