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I really love the comic, but when will there be more? I can't wait to see whats going to happen next, i love the atmosphere and the feel of the comic. keep up the amazing work biggrin
I am actually plotting the next arc of Last Shot in my spare time, as I do intend to finish it one day. Though, there are no official plans as to when a new issue will come out. Though, rest assured that when it does, we will probably rerelease a new TPB of the first arc with new stories inside that will cover scenes that occur in between a of the past issues in order to remind people of what Last Shot is all about.

Having said that, please don't hold your breath. As I said before, there are no solid plans at this point in time.
A trade would be awesome! if you do end up doing it, please include a bunch of the sketches that were in the individual issues and more back material. I know everyone would love to see that behind the scenes stuff.
that's fine, as long as there's hope smile
It really was well done. And I know I've said this on the XD board enough, but I think I'll say it here too...I'll never give up waiting for Last Shot biggrin
Awww man i feel like the lowest of low i only thought last shot was a yahoo messanger theme.....*feels dumb*
I knew your art was the art on the site vo ive been following your comics exploits since echo .Glad to see even more art from you and ive seen all the cameos by last shot characters in your comics.Its great that youre coming back to them!! the final issue left me wanting more
Man I loved last shot I thought it was one of the best comic books around. Don't let it go the way of battle chasers never to return. I want to see more of those kick-a** character designs.
I love Last Shot.. just wish I can find more of the issues at local comic book stores. They're all full of the ones I got but fresh out the ones I don't @.@
That's good you've been working on Last shot in your spare time, vo. ^^
Now I have some satisfaction that you didn't let Last Shot kick the bucket.
Awww man i feel like the lowest of low i only thought last shot was a yahoo messanger theme.....*feels dumb*

Hey, don't worry about it too much... that's the place I found out about it too ^^;
I would like to see it as an animation in the future.
Can you animate Vo? I think that would be awesome! XD
So, I guess there's still time to get in on the Last Shot story .... ?! I've really liked the Studio XD work on Robotech and was looking for more of what they've done - I guess Last Shot is it then .... I'll see what I can find! smile
I want more last shot, I got all 5(including the one shot) and I love it...so gimme!!! I'll easily pay double the price if you guys make more....also if anyone can't find it I think my local comics shop has an extra or two, I'ld be happy to spread the love.
Last Shot was good, so it's too bad it like just... ended. For a while. Yeah. I tried to get copies for my friend but like some... sold out they told me?! She'll never have them all, eek! So you guys! We need a trade paperback! My friend, she needs to read them ALL!
yeah Last Shot was definitly one of the comics i was anticipating to pick up monthly from my comic book stores and i am happy that i got al of them ,...the issues were worth buying them only for the sketches and stuff ,plus there was this kick a** story (wich is still really open... cry ) BUT YEAH i do think that the action in the last issue was of the hook ...but it made me drool fore more cry damn i am missing this serie's exclaim

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