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Anyone knows if there are any plans to continue/revive last shot? cuz I thought it was a pretty good comic.
At this time, they don't have the funding for it, but they have said that they want to continue with Last Shot at some point in the future.
Last Shot was a great read. Anyone who enjoyed Cowboy Bebop or Trigun would love it.

If this ever returned it'd be on my monthly comic list for sure.
I agree with you all: "Last Shot" was a great manga. i still have them i believe. it does suck that Studio XD could not continue the story passed issue number 4, though.
if you look at the art for "Last Shot" and compare it to that of "Echo's", you will undoubtedly see the improvement. i would have loved to see Long Vo and the others continue to improve their art, presentation, and story-telling skills with "Last Shot" but it appears that Studio XD may not do that for a while. it's okay, i guess. i can wait- because think, in the meantime, they are getting better at the aforementioned attributes. that is a plus for us because we get to see how they improve by the time they do start "Last Shot" again.
Why don't they put a new Last Shot title under Udon?
Darkstalkers, Streetfighter are great, Rival Schools commin'

Well, Cannon Busters....euhm...i'm not a big fan of LeSean,
i seriously did'nt like his Arkanium or Ninja Turtle comics.

But why not?, a Last Shot title under Udon would be great.

Now that Dreamwave's dead, more room for Udon xp

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