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Ok, I recently had an idea for a comic. I started designing the characters.

The story was about a roaming cowboy, who was mainly experienced in martial-arts. In the beginning he protects this hot barmaid from these guys about to...use..her. Play...with her. Yeah, and she looks just like the one in the comic.

Weird, huh? My guy even looks like Revolver, maybe I'll scan and show you some day.

But my comic (if made) will have airships.

I have to go buy some Last Shot..
dude that's the same idea i had eek whee
like minded ye be
Read Stephen King's The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger and see how great minds think alike, it go my attention it makes me wonder if steve likes trygun and cowboy bebop
biggrin More Western esque and Western comics make Zarsha a Happy girl no da! XD
biggrin More Western esque and Western comics make Zarsha a Happy girl no da! XD

noooo da! blaugh
Dey all stole from me ! Jazz, da king o' pimps ! I'm a gunslingin' martial arts wieldin' b***h magnet. blaugh

Check the flow.

Underwear and cigs...could catch on, don't ya think ?
Yeah! ..But.. They need cigars on Gaia, too, don'tcha think? gonk Then, I could buy me one and a monicle and be more like that one song by The Streets! "Too Much Brandy", I think it was.. I LOVE Peach Brandy! XD
whos peach brandy?
i thought i saw a cigar in the first store it will look like a log it's on bottom left
What's last shot?
Hello?Anyone?Pls.tell me! xd
So many cute character here... smile
Ok,is thia about shooting people?
I'm just new here.so sorry about the messages redface

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