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Friends! You can still see the Last Shot IMVironment if you use Yahoo! Messenger. wink

If you don't know what an IMVironment is - PM me... or IM me. But I tell you: LAST SHOT lives on!
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Last Shot Comic is on yahoo messanger O_O yesh 3nodding
Never nothing exists....muahahhahhahahaha
(Not really sure what to say....)
Okay... for those not in the know I present you- (my minions, if you please)
Okay, it's set in a fantasy steam tech world that styles closely to the American Wild West. The story is about Revolver, aka Rev. He's a gunner, a bounty hunter who prefers to take the "Dead only" portion in the wanted posters... His gimmick is that he has revolvers built into his hands and also happens to be his motivation for earning money... you see, he has quite an large medical bill for the creation and instalation of said equipment that he needs to pay off soon. Enter L3n (yes... her name is in 1337) a girl who needs to reach a city to the east and needs protection via a contract by an person who wished to remain nameless. The fee for such a task? double the price tag on Rev's bill... so not only does he have to contend with other Gunners planning on stealing his job (it doesn't matter who brings her there, just alive and unharmed), bandits, the wildlife and the usual western menagre, but he also has to contend with an "old friend" from the war Rev used to be involved with. this has been...

It's a very good series if you enjoyed Battle Angel, and it's the comic that got me back into collecting. Now only if they'd make a graphic novel of the first 5 and get to making chapter 2....
mhwhahahahah I have ALL the Last Shot comics and EACH ONE is sighned by LONG VO HIMSELF xd Hahhahahahha

I"m not lying had him sign them at an anime expo last year..Oh OH OHH!! I also got my picture taken with the great CP!!! whee

Last shot is the best
What is Last Shot?! Why does it get it's own forum?!
sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad rolleyes rolleyes rolleyes
where can get last shot again?
You can probibly find back issues of the series at a comic book store or show...
Any chance we might be able to see a graphic novel collection?
can you give me money to an skirt? 3nodding
I discovered Last Shot a few months ago and I totally love it. I haven't read a comics quite like this one since...ever... I just wish that they would continue the series...
I suggest you check out the wonderful manga series "Battle Angel Alita" aka GUNM in japan. It has a more cyberpunky flare, but still plenty of over the top technology and fighting sequences for a good long fix that should last long enough for XD to release part two.

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