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I guess you could say I'm a big fan, I fell in love with echo, and even more so with Last shot, but what I"m blabbin about is what happend to my beloved last shot, were ther planed for more than five issues?, I wont even get into echo, but If anyone has any info ,I'd greatly appriciate it

*bows in respect* Yes indeed it still does. Infact you can write a story and draw it then send it to Vo and he'll put it up on the site for someone to see. If they like it then they might do something with it...or something to that effect. I now take my leave. *bows and leaves*
Hm..sounds interesting. *Opens Painter and begins a futile attempt to draw*
Nothing is futile if you try. Give it a shot.
Wow that sounds amazing, Now let me get this straight vo and the others wouldenty mind seeing a fan made last shot issue ? if so I'd love to work on it right away !
For more info, go here:


Hope that helps. smile

Your comics probably won't see print, but we'll host them on the Last Shot official site for free.

Take care!
It would be a great start for a budding career.
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i know no one has been in this subject for a while.... but i was wondering what last shot is???
tis the greatist thing since the dark tower series ( stephen king neo western book series) and cowboy bebop
i work at a comic shop and i heard that they dumped the last shot series tell me it aint so?
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gonk Wow. What an a**.

i work at a comic shop and i heard that they dumped the last shot series tell me it aint so?

Define "dumped". I actually believe it's more a case of the Studio itself is on hiatus (indefinately) from the project. If you go to Image's site, you will see they still link to it. This says one of two things to me. Either a) they don't update near often enough [doubtful] or b) they still support the project.
It does exist... I saw it at my local comic store

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