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Lady Gaga,
Ke$ha can't sing. In all her songs her voice is completely edited.
Kesha has had one good song. Seriously ONE song. Yea she sucks.

I honestly think that she will just be forgotten about in a bit. Lady GaGa is actually different meanwhile Kesha is like SOO many other artists. I have heard more than once that she is like a slutty, party girl Taylor Swift.
Lady Gaga,
Ke$ha can't sing. In all her songs her voice is completely edited.

Yea this too. But you would be surprised how many artists cannot sing. It is amazing how that isn't even important anymore.... v_v
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Uhhh? Lady GaGa?

Kesha is SO 15 minutes of fame.
All she sings about is booze and her t**t.
Lady GaGa's stuff isn't all sexual. Her stuff is creative.

Kesha samples songs and adds some weird s**t into it.

Not that I don't like a couple of Kesha's songs but.
Lady Gaga.
ima have to go wit.......Ke$sha
Lady Gaga. She's got humour and I love her songs, she also pretty. I only like Ke$ha's TiK ToK. Ke$ha looks scary without her make up.
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Lady Gaga, Because she's actually a unique musician unlike Ke$ha, She's more of a drunk slut.
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Wow. How many threads are there going to be like this? rolleyes xd

Both. Lady GaGa is pop, but Ke$ha is more of the rocker in my opinion. And I like Ke$ha's style a little more. But Lady GaGa's style is cool.
Ke$ha is a rocker? You made me laugh so much... XD

"Show me where you d**k's at."

Yep. That's rockin'.
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Lady Gaga! Ke$ha seems always drunk and not really a musician like Lady Gaga

This and Ke$ha just copies Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga has her own unique style.
So if you haven't guessed it already, I'm going with Lady Gaga definitely.
lady gaga of course xd
Lady Gaga iz a NONO!!!! Also a big joke!!!! rofl dramallama
heart heart heart Ke$ha is way much better!!! heart heart heart

I heart TIK TOK!!!!!

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