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Idk thats a pretty hard one. they're both good.
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ofc Lady GaGa,Ke$ha don't have voice to sing and Lady GaGa is original whee
gaga: good music stupid clothes lol
kesha: good music SOMETIMES normal clothes.
its kinda a tie smile
Isnt it like a no duh question?
We all no Gagas songs well, really, STINK!
And kesha, way better.
Personally gaga...BOOO
Personally kesha.YAAY
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Lady Gaga, because she is a true musician unlike Kesha. Kesha uses Autotune so no, not Kesha.
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okay this is a no brainer, and kind of insulted that you could think kesha was talented. while lady gaga has better lyrical talent, she can also play the piano, and has a better variety of music. kesha can be catchy but most of her songs are about getting d**k and partying covered up by autotune and some back up beats. her mom writes her songs with her... blaugh come on man how funny is that.

lady gaga also has a better stage presence and puts on a better show. she's more about the art aspect, and the story behind the music and the emotion. kesha is about glitter and imagination. she designs her own outfis and does her own makeup for her performances. note// that's probably why she wore a trashbag and does a shitty lightning bolt made out of glitter.

just saying lady gaga hands down
put your paws up
lol i like them both!!! but Lady Gaga if anything xDD heart heart
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gaga, kesha can't sing
lady gaga heart heart heart biggrin
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Really? o.O" Gaga. Enough said.
Thats a pretty hard decision seeing as how both of them are pretty good, but i have to go with Lady gaga because of her preformances and the amount of fanbase she has. >w< and her message, along with her style. But both have some of my fav. songs.
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This woman, by far, over this piece of trash:
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Laughing my a** offf!!!!! XD omg i love3 this comment!!! >w<
BUMP BUMP BUMp BUMPB BUMP heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
I am really stunned by the amount of replies on this, thankfully for lady gaga. >w<
heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

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