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I love her!!! heart heart heart heart
I doesn't like her before but when the song Bad Romance came out, I started liking her.
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We keep her around so that gay guys have something to listen to.
ME <3


Although her genre is not really my major favorite, mostly why I prefer listening to
acoustic/punk/rock versions of her songs
but I love her.
Born This Way, You and I , ETC

I too love Justin Biebers songs, but again the genre.
I still listen to his own version of his own songs.
Pray , Baby ETC ETC C:
Can you even imagine a world without Bad Romance playing on the radio? Or Telephone? I give Gaga all the props in the world for being as hot as she was when she hit the scene with Poker Face. She's just washed up now. I thoroughly enjoyed Fame Monster, every track on that record killed it. Marry the Night? Not so much.

I get the impression a lot of people believe the Born This Way album was some sort of milestone in pop music, that she evolved into this groundbreaking iconic artist. I don't understand it. The album was pure rubbish. Hair? Are you kidding me? Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy, and not even good enough to be considered generic.

ARTPOP will be the downfall of Gaga; I tend to think everyone else is just as tired of her as I am.

I'm interested to hear from some of her fans, to be honest. Are they really looking forward to ARTPOP? Or are they acting excited because Gaga tells them to do so?
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I enjoy lady gaga's music, but of course, I don't know her in real life, so I don't know what she's really like. Truthfully, I really didn't like a lot of her popular stuff of the past, like love game and poker face. I mean, eventually they grew on me but I didn't really like them instantly. But it seemed to me that she grew as a performer.

But her newer stuff I really, really enjoy. I think my favorite is actually "That lady is a tramp" which she did with Tony Bennet. I really loved her vocals in it, and I thought that it showcased that she did actually have singing talent.
Yes, I can understand why some people think that she puts more effort into her clothing than her music, but I kind of believe that part of Lady Gaga is her image. No matter what people say, we all are judged by our appearances, and it's obvious that Lady Gaga knows that.
I like Lady Gaga, and I feel that she has put more emotion into her newer stuff. But this is just my opinion, and everyone is free to make their own. I don't think that just because we disagree about something it means that we have to start a flame war or start cursing at each other smile This is just my opinion smile

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