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Who is the Queen of Pop of 2012?

Katy Perry 0.23076923076923 23.1% [ 9 ]
Lady Gaga 0.66666666666667 66.7% [ 26 ]
Jessie J 0.051282051282051 5.1% [ 2 ]
Nicki Minaj 0.051282051282051 5.1% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 39 ]
Vote for Queen of Pop 2012!
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I Love you Gaga
Lady Gaga.. duh. Nicki Minaj is rap.
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Once upon a time, long, long ago, back when the year was less than seven digits and people could tell the difference between pop and rap . . .
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Poor Nicki. xD
I voted for Katy Perry.
I voted for Katy because well, Lady gaga hasn't had any hit singles since what, spring?! Katy's had them all year round!
What the hell? The only people who have ever been good enough for such a title are Cher, Madonna, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga. Personally, I would include Cyndi Lauper in that list, but she could never top those four in terms of success. You have to think about how long the person has been active as a musician and how much success that person has had throughout his or her career. Katy Perry may have had some number ones, but face it. Her album sales are nothing to be proud of. Madonna and Lady Gaga have top selling albums under their belts. Britney Spears could be considered the queen simply because of her relevance throughout the past decade in the media. She was the most talked about woman there for a while. Many times, that was good. Many times, that was bad, but her relevancy itself is undeniable, unlike the relevance of either Nicki Minaj or Jessie J. Nicki Minaj is mostly known as a joke, and Jessie J is simply not relevant.
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Mama Monster. =x
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Lady Gaga. ^^
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Gaga~! heart
heart heart lady gaga heart heart

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