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Why does she get her own sub forum?
She aint even hot!
Well, she's the queen of today's music. She single-handedly re-introduced dance music to the mainstream, making it cool again. Her debut album sold 15 million copies, in the era of iPods and music pirating. She has also managed to sell 25 million albums to this date, and 65 million singles have been sold. As in bought, not pirated. Along with bringing pop music back, she has revived the music video, with the one for her "Bad Romance", becoming the second most viewed YouTube video. Her social networking power topples that of President Barrack Obama, Queen Elizabeth, Oprah, and Michael Jackson. She has won 5 Grammy Awards, 13 VMAs, and has the honor of being the first true superstar of the millennium.

At first thought to be just a fad, her second album "The Fame Monster" has penetrated pop culture with such mega-dance hits as "Bad Romance", "Alejandro", and "Telephone" the last of which featured R&B queen Beyoncé. Critics have called her music "the most interesting, and simply brilliant pop music since Michael Jackson". Of all of today's artists, she stands in a category all her own, a category with the likes of Michael, Madonna, The Beatles, Britney, and Elvis.

Her third (second if you don't count TFM) album "Born This Way" racked up massive sales as well, dominating the charts, and becoming the second biggest selling album of 2011, only behind Adele's 21. Off this album, she released "Born This Way", which debuted at #1 on the Hot 100, becoming the third Gaga song to do so, was the fastest selling song in iTunes history, and has the distinct honor of being the 1,000th #1 single in Billboard history. No fluke, ALL of her singles have topped the dance charts. Her song "The Edge of Glory" swept through radio stations, becoming one of the most played songs in 2011. This song also featured the last saxophone solo from the late Clarence Clemens.

Gaga is not limited to just dance pop songs, despite what many idiots who don't do any research would say... Lady Gaga performed her song "Speechless" with the legendary Elton John at the 2010 Grammy Awards. The song, was a cry to her father, begging him to get a heart surgery so that his life would be saved. She saved her father's life with that song.

Lady Gaga is the only artist of today that deserves her own sub-forum. So quit bitching, and respect the queen.
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She saved my life, that's why. biggrin
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she inspires a lot of people i would say is why.

speaking of which... why doesn't tupac have his own ?!!!?!?!?!?!?!
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Most human minds are weak and will attach itself to the stupidest concept it finds. Lady Gaga just happens to currently be that thing.
Most human minds are weak and will attach itself to the stupidest concept it finds. Lady Gaga just happens to currently be that thing.

Lady Gaga isn't really a concept, as much as an art form if you think of her as an object. wink
Because there were too many topics about her in the main music forum so they temporarily gave her a sub forum.
One, she has made a huge impact on the face of pop culture in such a short amount of time. Two, there are several people who would disagree with you and say she is hot. Do not pretend that your opinions are the facts. Stay pressed.

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