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Have you people seen what's she's wearing? Crazy!!! But then again, unique...

Who likes what she wears?

Who doesn't?
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I think it's obvious what my opinion might be. redface
Her Red lace mask, dress and crown at the VMAs.

That was epic.

And all her outfits. Paparazzi. Bad Romance. Telephone... Works of art!
Her outfits are awesome!. My favorites are the skeleton and the coat made out the Kermit the Frog dolls. It's weird that most people would look like dorks in those outfits, but Lady Gaga can pull it off! She's amazing!
I know they are!! Right!?!?!? Love em!! But, sometimes... It goes overboard. BUT, that is just MY opinion. Yea, her VMA's dress was reall wicked.
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I used to think her clothes were weird, and sometimes I dislike certain outfits. But her clothes are more for the sake of performance art than anything else.

Overall, I love how she dresses.
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i think some of her clothes are amazing
I like Lady Gaga outfits, she's just.... crazy. I wouldn't say that I want to have some of her clothes or copy her style - it's a little bit unpractical for the every day university-home-university-home-another university-home route, lol. However, I'm thinking of making a Lady Gaga costume for the next Halloween, that might be fun.
I've heard she was designing her clothes herself, is it true?
And another question - anyone knows where are her shoes from?
she is AMAZING! her outifts are very unique and i love it!
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Personally, I can't decide. Sometimes it's like an acid trip gone wrong (jewelled lobster? Wtf?), other times I can see a really artistic beauty about them that kind of makes up for her so-so songs. Bad Romance was a good video, I liked those outfits (minus some n****e tape in there) and the song isn't half bad, though I think the ending rather ruined it. Anyway, people thought she'd never make it. Bet they're shuttin' it now.
I LOVE what she wears. She absoulutely amazing.
Pump up the party!! smile )
I can se everyone loves her clothes....SWEET!!! Yea I agree the bejewled lobster. That I thought was pretty weird. Haha. That's an AWESOME idea to dress up as Lady Gaga For halloween
Ice Box Cookie\
I think it's obvious what my opinion might be. redface
her clothes are amazing and unique its awesome wink
Yea I sooo sooo agree!

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