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i kinda like katy better but not much.... razz
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Avenge Coulson
Gaga. Katy Perry is a c**t.
That's what she said.
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lady gaga heart
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Oh, sorry. I thought this said 'lady gag me with a spoon' or Petersen. I was gonna call you a ******** idiot for asking that. Now before you start crying and whining, just realize that I'm overly smart for my age, will probably win any argument you give me, derive pleasure from making people mad, and will have this song ready for you, showing how hard I laugh during these pointless arguments, whether I won or lost. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr1iXb7vHPk&feature=related
They're both cute c: lady gags just cray cray <3
Definatley Katy Perry ! Lady Gaga is getting better, but she used to be so fake, horrible, and auto-tuned.
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Lady Gaga but Katy Perry is cool 2 blaugh
Katy Perry makes better music now a days
My attitude to both of them is "Meh"

I question both of their images, that strike me as being faux-weird (More often than not, it comes down to the fact that they are presented as "Weird" for little more than their physical apperance, not any behaviourisms)

But that isn't the point, the point is their music.

Can't speak to their music too much as I can't claim to follow either too closely. I heard Perry
s "Wide Awake" (I think that is her) and while it wasn't "Bad" by any measure it wasn't my thing.

A tad too synthetic.

Gaga is much the same. However, I heard her song "Paparazi" once via acoustic guitar.... Goodness, she should make all of her songs that way. It was beautiful. Honestly, it was incredible. I could barely believe that it had anything to do with the glitz and glam of Hollywood. It had this.... I can't even describe... But it was utterly beautiful.

So I guess I have to go with Gaga based on that one fact. But that is hardly a fair, full examination of the two.
I say Katy Perry and she is not a c**t Lady Gaga is just weird.

It's ironic that you say that, given that Perry shrouds herself in this "Lolz, I am so quirky and weird!!!! xD" image. Course it is very family friendly and safe, as well as being limited to appearance, but I digress..... Funny to hear someone call Gaga weird when compared to Katy "Isn't I ever so quirky!" Perry.
If we are going by image, of course, I am iffy with both of them. I simply question the legitimacy of it all. Presented as quirky and weird and not afraid to be themselves, but this rarely if ever extends beyond clothing and apperance.

Want to prove me wrong? (I'd actually like to see this. Not trying to be a jerk) please direct me to an instance where one of them does something genuinely weird that does not, in any way shape or form, involve clothing or physical appearance.

I am referring to a behaviourism, a mental affair, not "Hey! Hey everyone! Look at this crazy crazy new dress I am wearing! Aren't I quirky! It goes so quirkily with my new haircut! I am modeling both in this new Photo-Shot that is ever so quirky and weird!" i.e Materialistic to the nth-degree.

As far as I have seen (and I admit, I haven't seen all of either) they are to "Weird" and "Quirky" what a guy who wears suits but spits on women is to "Class"
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Katy Perry. I love her music more than Lady GaGa's, but it doesnt mean I don't like GaGa I just like Katy more

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