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Unbeatable Ladykiller

I like both of them. They both make amazing music.
I like both but I love Adele
Lady Gaga. She is a much better person. She stands against bullying & even has a charity call the Born This Way Foundation. I support her 100%. She only dresses the way she does because she wants everyone else to be able to be the way they want. She is also a great performer & activist. I'm a little monster & proud. I'm not saying I don't like Adele, I just love Gaga.
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i like both
Lady Gaga, she didn't get her fame by writing break up songs
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Lady gaga is way better than Adele heart 4laugh
I like both of them!!! heart but.....I perfer Gaga!!!! cuz shes crazy! xp
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Lady Gaga because she has songs that are moving and make me feel active rofl , while Adele has all thes slow songs about love and stuff and are kinda boring. stare
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is it just me or are adeles songs basically about the same thing
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I like both, but I love Lady Gaga. Most of Adele's songs are about the same thing.
ill choose lady gaga adele is just a romance singer ugh i hate here so much exclaim cat_rofl
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I personally like both but they both have different and unique styles. ^^
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I think Lady Gaga is better because she is crazy, funny, awesome, outgoing, and brave.
Adele is just old time music that gets over played on the radio. I think Gaga is better.
Adele would never wear a meat dress.
neither. i like classical music. but if i had to pick one it would be gaga

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