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lady gaga or adele?

lady gaga all the way. adele is great and all but i much prefer lady gaga because lady gaga is far more creative in her videos and music alike.
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mother monster is the best adele had A LOT of voice problem but gaga no heart heart heart heart heart heart heart lady gaga legacy is forever i m a little monster and no one can compare to gaga

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quoi??? comme si c etait faux
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They're both amazing singers...but I have to go for Gaga simply because I absolutely loathe a lot of the whoa is me type music Adele puts out.It's annoying to hear anyone going on about how they were wronged or whatever,even in songs.But that is just my personal opinion.
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I love Lady Gaga more than anything actually. But I like Adele's songs too. Nevertheless, I still go for ny Queen — Lady Gaga. heart
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Adele. She has more songs that I like. heart
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Adele. yum_puddi
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i love them both heart heart ~~
I prefer dance/faster paced music. Gaga.
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Adele has a beautiful voice.
Lady Gaga is Epic.
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They're both awesome artists, but I think I like Adele more. heart
I like them both because they have two very different musical styles but I like Adele's voice more. It's more appealing to me. Plus Gaga is a mess sometimes.
Adele VOICE is better BUT GaGa is more CREATIVE heart

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