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In what way has she changed your life...?!
In no way...
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In no way...
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Well I heard the popular music that came before her and thought, "Well at least it can't get any worse." Then I discovered Lady Gaga and was proven horribly wrong. Now I doubt my very own beliefs and question if there is any reason in life.
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She farted on my hand once.
I'm starting to think positive now, thanks to her. And I want to help her to create her own perfect world biggrin
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I'm starting to think positive now, thanks to her. And I want to help her to create her own perfect world biggrin

"That's what she said."
In no way as well...
Her music has really helped me get over my anxiety.
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Her music saved the music industry. She's one of the few artists who put out music I would deem as "interesting". We desperately need her, ARTPOP can't come sooner..
Lady gaga has notte changed my life, as muche as changed my perception of musicians. Of the pop variety. Pop is a rathere socialite thing as I hath noted now. And, Lady Gaga showed true integrity just to wante te stande up for non-bullying.
She has inspired me to be myself, no matter how people perceive me.
She is a huge positive inspiration.
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She's so magical! blaugh
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Okay so I have this medical condition called Neurofibromatosis (NF) and people used to make fun of me because of it and I used to want to hide the part of my body that the NF affected.


hearing Born This Way was what gave me the courage to stop hiding my NF and face the world and see I have NF and I was born this way.

NF baby and proud!

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