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lol I think it's pretty obvious that she's weird, whether you like her or not.
I think she is kinda weird like at first she was fine but then she changed and now she is weird and some of her clothes she wears are really different but i think i some of her music is good.. i just dont like how it gets stuck in your head so easy lol
lady gaga iz weird kus she/he had her period on stage
ya i really think lady gaga is weird because of yes the clothes and i dont understand her music talk2hand
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I just like the fact that an Australian radio DJ asked her on air if she was a hermaphrodite.
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I think she's ********. I wish I could go to her concert but she's going on tour with the ******** douchebag Kanye.
she is like awesome! I personally don't like her and her songs does get stuck on my head but I still adore her for not caring about how people think of her . plus my sis thinks she's across a goth and a pop singer with all her crazy outfits cheese_whine dramallama cheese_whine dramallama cheese_whine dramallama wahmbulance
I love Lady GaGa, she's such a cutie! xd
I heard she has both Man And Woman Organs surprised
She sure isn't "normal". rolleyes
I don't really know who she is. I've only seen her picture on a couple fashion websites.
She's a............Freak
Of course Lady Gaga is weird. Why? Because she has a (insert word for male genetalia here)
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Lol dude shes insane. MY friends say she looks like Bracks mom.
Lady Gaga's is very weird!!!

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