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She is a dude scream
i gess her clothes r a bit oddd
but she still rox smile
She IS weird, but not overly weird.
Her songs are pretty good, but her clothes and her live performances...
Lets just say they're hard to describe blaugh
No way, shes just unique.
I am still completely clueless as to who the hell she is.
melissa the rabbit
She is a dude scream

she isnt all that kind a dude
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I think 'Lady gaga' is a man.
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i like lady gaga i think shes preaty cool she has her own style weather its crazy or not SO ALL YALL HATERS SHUT UP CAUSE IM PREATY SURE SOME OF UR FAV SINGERS SUCK!!!
that is all biggrin
no, i love her. wink
Honestly I like Lady Gagas songs minus the love game I'm sorry but it always reminds meh of a whore I like her sence of style as well I do not think she's weird however she's kind of falling into the whore catagory I mean comon nao "I want to take a ride on your disco sick"
Let's not forget that in that music video she's was shown naked.
As for the VMAs performace I loved it. : D
yes yes i do
kinda weird

If you want to believe all the online rumors and bullshit, go ahead. It doesn't change the fact that
she's an extremely talented musician.

Just because she's open with her sexuality, the media says she has a d**k.
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haitian_ 4 life 123
my friends think lady gaga is weird b cuz of the clothes she wearing that the VMA nd her performces nd songs.

so do u think lady GaGa is weird
Nah, she's just very artistic and avant-garde. Thats why I like her. Her performance was strange but it was really good.

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