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I do not want to poke her face
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Miss Frenchie
She's awesome. She wears these crazy outfits, and doesn't care what people say. Also, her performances are amazing!
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Lady Gaga is beyond wierd haha.
Shes makes awsome upbeat music!
But so perverted talk2hand


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lady gaga? she is a fricken wierdo who sings about sex which is not good for kids 2day. stressed
her clothes? its stupid 2 wear and is fricken ugly and well, UGLY! its like she gets attention wth her clothes, i feel sorry 4 her. rolleyes
this reminds me of a joke my friend told me: how do u wake up lady gaga? u poke her face. xp whee
I think she's trying too hard.
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no i like her (:
weird in the best way possible! I love it!
she's weird as s**t
Lady Gaga is VERY VERY weird. Yep.
hi! i'm newone
foxy tey
what is normal anyway huh?
there is no such thing as normal

yea really. normal is just a setting on a washer. normal means fitting in. NORMAL IS BORING!
ps. i luv lady gaga!
She is.
Which is why I LOVE her.
I mean, most pop songs these days are a bit campy at the least, but Lady Gaga takes it up to 11, embraces it and shows it off. Which is why she is such fun to watch and listen too.
And narm charm, don't forget about the narm charm.
Lady Gaga is fantastic. :] heart

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