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Her fashion sense is a li weird, but she makes great music!
I like her and her songs.
She, as a public profile, dares to be different.
yes and it's brilliant!
I think she's unique in a way and does wear some er...interesting costumes and that's what i like about her,she wears what she wants and doesn't seem to care about what ppl think....some of the clothes she wears are awesome... but i wouldn't wear them though... 3nodding stare
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Should this be in the music area instead of here?
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No not at all. I think she's cool and really unique.She has confidence to be really diffrent.

I think some people may say that she is stupid or something because she has stepped out side of the box and does thing her own way and not follow everyone else if you get what i mean. When someone does that some say that they look stupid and others are like thats so cool.

I think she's cool.
She's awasome woman shes so creative heart
yea, i find her weird too ...
alot people have been saying that she's a guy eek

And , most of the womans, dun wear soo open clothings. (get what i mean)
They wont show off 3/4 of their boobs or the private part.
But, lady gaga, she totally showed off.

I believe she's a guy.
Anyone think that way too ??
she is definitely weird, but after seeing her VMA performance and her music video for paparazzi (both friggin amazinggg), i have a great deal more respect for her work as a creative explosion as opposed to just breaking from the norm.
Lady Gagas not a lady. . .but her [its..?] musics pretty sick.
I think she has her own style and that's what I love about her! She does what she wants and doesn't care what people say bout her... I also love her music heart
i think lady gaga is crazy hahaha!! cause her action is weird... i think she has her own world.. rofl xd
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i think shes really odd may b trying to act like katy perry i mean how can she dress like she does and dosent suffer any shame wahmbulance question question question question question question rofl gonk scream blaugh sweatdrop stressed but som of her songs r good in a way
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shes different than other artisits out there ahes crazy gonk
Xian Tai
Sometimes good things fall apart...
- - - - - - -

Her clothes are creative, i gotta say. I wouldn't wear them myself though...

- - - - - - -

...so better things can fall together

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