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1looks like a girl 2 has a girl part 3 talks like a girl 4 has no d**k 5 looks like if she had no opertion
1 do u think shes a man ?
And People Care if She's a Man Why???
Its not Like if She Was (I'm not saying she is)
Lady Gaga Wouldn't be the only one...
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Tipsy Bunny

She ain't got a d**k, she always wears tight clothes. <33
Don't you think some type of bulge would appear if she did have one?
Do you see a bulge? I don't. <3
The Bone Palace Ballet
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Stefani Joanne Anglina Germanotta.
lol looks like your wearing something to suck in your stomach
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Angelic Bloodsucker

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Wow, who the ******** cares what gender she is... is not like any one of you could ******** her. She make great music for us to listen to, that's all that matters.

You don't go to a concert to see if she'll flash you her cootch, you go there to listen to her live =/ Stop making a big deal out of every ******** little thing. User Image

Dhampir BL00DRAYNE
1st of all her voice.
2nd her neck and legs.
if your listen and look at both you can see she's not a man
3rd, The pictures of her as a kid.
if you look at them it's more then obvious shes a girl
4th she'd haft to get a boob job, no?
and 5th, She would have fast acting facial hair if she were a man.
because she doesn't I highly doubt it.
And I just want to add that people will make up anything for money.

im agree with u
              First of all, I'd like to say that I wouldn't care if she's a man, a woman or both, but I just can't help but laugh at these threads.
              Besides that, if you're going to talk about testicles on the inside of your body, then maybe you consider me a man, too.
              I might have testicles on the inside as well, who knows?
              Oh my, this topic just turned all the women on the planet into a hermaphrodite!

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everyone know that she is a woman

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