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red plastic cup? Or....red solo cup?
I have no pants!
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iiCelestial F O X
Now a red solo cup is the best receptacle,

For barbecues, tailgates, fairs and festivals,

And you, sir, do not have a pair of testicles,

If you prefer drinking from glass.

A red solo cup is cheap and disposable,

And in 14 years they are decomposable,

And unlike my home, they are not foreclosable,

Freddie-Mac can kiss my a**. Woo!

Red Solo Cup, I fill you up!

Let's have a party, let's have a party!

I love you red solo cup~

I lift you up, proceed to party! Proceed to party!

Now I really love how you're easy to stack,

But I really hate how you're easy to crack,

Cuz when beer runs down in front of my pack,

Well that my friends is quite yucky.

But I have to admit the ladies get smitten,

Admiring how sharply my first name is written,

On you with a sharpie when I get to hittin',

on them to helpme get lucky.
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so are there only the toga and red solo cup items for this event?
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red solo cup heart
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Oh man, this is the best event.
Red cups and bedsheets, whats next?
Oh man, I hope it's a wiener costume.

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red solo cup

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Ok , Im done. *buys the song*
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Red solo cup~
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Red plastic cup fun. Cause I like red solo cups. biggrin
that song is annoying. it gets stuck in your head and never leaves...

red solo cup, I fill you up. let's have a party!
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i once had a party with black solo cups... it didn't feel right. red solo cups all the way!

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