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he went to my dads hotel twice biggrin

woah! really!? he knows your dad?? biggrin D
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His hair is a douche bad and so is pauly d lol
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hi wazz up
lol his hair never moves

lol thats true
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Omg Pauly d's hair is amazing, i wonder how he makes it stay. wink

mabey like 10 cans of moose stare and ego....

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So Yeah, I Need Samples For My Shop.

I'll be doing avii/OC sketches & candifying your avii/oc(:


> What do you mean by 'Candify'?
I mean turn your avii/OC into a piece of candy, like a lollipop or
tootsie roll/jolly rancher. I basically do a headshot of your avii/OC
and turn it into candy C:

> What type of sketches? Can it be in color? If so how many?
Pen sketches by hand; Can be colored; Max of two colors.

> How do I get chosen for free arts?
Chat with me or art trade with me C:

BTW; I'll quote you if your chosen & when it's done.

Tips Of Cheap Items & Gold Are Always Loved As Well~<3
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heyy peoplez i am so fukken bored
Gel in some behind the scene thing I watched he had like 50 gel bottles. I'm not the biggest fan of his hair.
Masane x Amaha
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Holy s**t, now THAT is what I call sexy! <3

OT: I hate his hair, to be honest.
Masane x Amaha
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Holy god. his eyes are moobs...???
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omg did u guys see that dude with his face on his tummy jajajajajajajaja man i never ever laughed so hard
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hahahahaha. I wonder how his trip to the hair stor is.
Casheir: Sir you already took the last 39 cans of hair grease we have.
Pauly: Bro. Come on bro. Help me out bro. Foreal bro. You cant call nobody bro?
Chasier: Im sorry sir id be happy to give you more if you come in tomo-
Pauly: Dont you dare say tommorrow bro. I need it now bro. This hair dont stay like this from natrual causes bro.
Cahsier: Well im sorry sir there is nothing i can do.
Person in line: Commooon hurry up! Just take the ****** bottles and come back tommorrow.
Pauly: YO! mah man. cool it dawg. no need fo that.no need bro.
Cashier: Sir you will have to hurry you are holding up the line.
Pauly: What if i gave you the ultimate blowout?
Cahsier: A blow what?
Pauly: Blowout.
Cahsier: Get the ***** out my store.

Im so corny 3nodding rofl

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